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    Am I friendzoned or is it something more?
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    Sleep - how much does everyone need to be on top of your game?

    If posible I'd sleep from 6 am till 1 PM, however life doesn't often allow this so normally only get 6 am - 10 am. Power naps can help provided you fall into that state where you don't dream.
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    Any Interest in Dungeons and Dragons in Fever?

    Maverick and Snailey , @0mye0 said to pass these along, few links that would be benificial as hell to anyone wishing to play or GM donjon; RPG Tools Pathfinder_OGC
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    Any Interest in Dungeons and Dragons in Fever?

    count me in, 18 years pen and paper experience on various systems, taken a major liking to the pathfinder system. It's fixed a lot of the imbalances that 3.5 introduced.
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    Suggestions for games 4 my sister

    Age may help finding the right game. I know several but some are not child suitable
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    What do you listen to when playing League?
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    D&D Players?

    Wouldn't mind seeing a revival of the Fever D&D groups, big Pathfinder player here. Just a nightmare finding a reliable GM and a consistant group.
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    still planning to hold that D&D game? would you be willing to run Pathfinder?

    still planning to hold that D&D game? would you be willing to run Pathfinder?
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    Keno MIA

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    Keno MIA

    some of you may have noticed I have been gone a while. Well, TN got hit by a storm about a month and a half ago that literally left half of TN's tree's and powerlines snapped in half. I was in the cold without power for a bit over a week, without internet until today. And now, I apparently have...
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    I need help maining a couple champs!

    do what I do, Main a Tier 4 champ, in my case that's veigar
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    Abom if ya need a hand hit me up
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    First off, lets just get to the heart of the issue here. The toxicity is fucking sickening. This is a game. A bunch of pixles on a screen dedicated to giving people an enjoyable outlet on their time off. WHY ARE YOU RAGING. I don't know about anyone else but I joined fever to chill, meet...
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    FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

    <<< defination of chill
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    FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

    on Gaudy's server, might but Kreig paid to transfer to Caeorl to join us and would be rude as all hell to swap like that
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    FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

    honestly the scenery is amazing, just found a rank A hunt and well... "I'm level 23 I'm helping!" *AOE 1 shots the poor lowbie* lol
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    FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

    Myself, Pickles, Derek, Thunder, Succubusmuse all joined up on Ceourl, so close to my blackmage i can taste it :P
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    VN discussion round 2!!
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    fever coins for ff14

    One of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! Join us! Join us! We has Chocolate chunk banana muffins!
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    League of Legends Tournament 2/8/15

    Esh & Hunter88 Keno Darkfire/Magus Shado/Silver 3
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    >.< ugh im playing so dumb lately

    personally when I find myself in one of those slumps I take a breather, watch some anime, listen to some music and chill and get my head straight before going back and gaming more
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    Sunday Pathfinder Schedule Talk!

    honestly I thought was sametime as last week
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    D&D Groups Roster

    I'm in, I GM PF, and am currently seeking players (reliable players) as difficult as it is finding GM's, reliable players seem to be an issue here as well