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  1. BullD0G

    TWL Tourny

    TWL: CS:GO Branzone Sponsored Tournament!
  2. BullD0G

    Positions and roles for future Events

    thats a great idea which ive been meaning to try :P
  3. BullD0G

    Positions and roles for future Events

    Inb4 People talking about how they don't like the way ppl recruit oh fucking well we need more people I am glad xizzed is taking an extra effort at this I've recruited multiple smite people some have stayed some have not but it doesnt matter getting our name out there is what counts. If we...
  4. BullD0G


    I've been just going up and up was around 600 last week now im at 1161 and going up i've won around 11 and lost 2 today
  5. BullD0G

    Poseidon Patch

    Ultimate God Pack The Ultimate God Pack has been adjusted so that it now includes all gods in the game, including any future released gods. Those that purchased the Ultimate God Pack previously will receive new gods automatically (there is no need to upgrade). The Ultimate God Pack remains at...
  6. BullD0G

    Bart's Patch Notes 2/22/13

    New God: Poseidon Changing Tides (Passive): Poseidons movement speed increases and his abilities do additional damage as his Tide level increases. Successful basic attack hits increase his Tide, and using abilities decreases it. Tidal Surge: Poseidon summons forth a wave that travels in a...
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    Poseidon God Reveal
  8. BullD0G

    For people that live stream and record..

    you need adapters for console streaming
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    Poseidon EVERYTHING

  10. BullD0G


    Smite Match of the Day for Friday, Feb 22nd. Gimme da gold! Start with a whopping 100k gold at the beginning of the match. Match Name: Hoarder Map Type: Arena Special Rules: 100,000 Gold at Match Start God(s): Any Unlocked
  11. BullD0G

    Daily Report: Daily Report 02-25-2013

    Happy Birthday DoctorIdiot!!!! Congrats on all awards too
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    Smite Match of the Day for Monday, Feb 25th. Blood brothers Odin and Loki team up in a match of wisdom and wit, strength and stealth to dominate in the Arena. Will you play the role of brother or betrayer? Match Name: Blood Brother Brawl Map Type: Arena Special Rules: None God(s): Loki, Odin
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    Smite Spectator

    I can do much more than just watch fever i can shoutcast high elo ranked games i can spy on you guys and all that :D
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    Smite Spectator

    [1:16:19 PM] BullD0G (Jason Balk): hey duke I just checked my email and noticed i got a reply from you guys about spectator I replied last night I hope it wasnt too late [1:19:17 PM] HiRezDuke: Not too late. [1:19:26 PM] HiRezDuke: I just have a new process for it. [1:19:44 PM] HiRezDuke: I...
  15. BullD0G

    Poseidon Abilitys

    hirezstudios - Something smells fishy - Yoloseidon featuring HiRezBart 55 min in
  16. BullD0G

    Smite Spectator

    I will be receiveing Smite Spectator mode coming soon so be prepared for awesomeness!!!
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    I use to have it then shit went down between their league and the league i was working for and yeah but i can play esea in a few months again :D
  18. BullD0G

    mouse problem

    sorrry for thiss troll answer but printer cables? and for serious answer is your mouse pad clean and have you tried diffrent usb ports for your mouse?
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    TV: King of the nerds

    Link plox
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    Date & Time: Saturday, 2/24/2013 3:00PM EST Hosted by: BullD0G Game/Activity: Smite Night # in Attendance: 6 Length: 2.5 Hours Measure of Success: Successful . 3-4 conquests if applicable, prizes & winners: n/a Members in Attendance: Cronofan Grhhr Exile BullD0G 2 OTHERS i forget ):
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    TV: King of the nerds

    I'd tap pink head :) daniella
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    Fav Soda

    whats your fav soda?!?! or drink
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    Cannon Brawl

    Thought this looked pretty cool Cannon Brawl
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    Thanks Fever!

    Congrats!! :D
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    Smite Night Announcement

    Alright so Smite nights will only be on Saturdays for multiple reasons so see you guys next week :D 1 pm est