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    Monster Hunter World

    How would you rate the game?
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    Looking for Single Player PC Game Suggestions

    Have you tried the Battlefield series? If so then do try BF3 and BF4 you can get it at cheap price on origin. I usually follow this list from PCgamer, oh yeah I forgot witcher 3
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    Do You Stream?

    I never tried, in the future might consider though.
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    What is everyone watching?

    Suits, Orange is the new black.
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    Finally did it

    Yo! Congrats man, I don't have the determination to do that though :P
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    What is everyone watching?

    I am hooked to suits, unfortunately I cannot bounce to other shows because when I loose the consistency then I forget what happens in which show lol!
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    Music: Song of the Day
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    Netflix suggestions [Series]

    I'd go with suits since I am watching it right now, I have heard a lot about Dexter so hopefully I'll be watching that next.
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    Good ADC Choices?

    In my opinion Jinx is good enough.
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    qwerty, dvorak, or colemak?

    Hey! I didn't about keyboards that much haha! I mean I would give different keyboards a try and then decide what to get. It will take matter of days to get adapted into a new layout. I didn't understand how the ergonomics are affected by this though.
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    Steam Summer Sale

    Cool I may consider it then.
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    Steam Summer Sale

    Planning to get Steam Link, found out it's for only $2.5 but the shipping is like 8$ :(
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    What type of music do you like to listen to?

    I like mumble rap like Future,Young Thug,Lil Uzi Vert etc. Yes we exist. I mean my priority is hip hop like drake,lil wayne,kendrick lamar and so on.
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    Game Nights

    I would try to come in as well but since I am not entirely sure if I could make it on time or not so I cannot guarantee, it is a good attempt to increase the forum activity though :)
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    First Solo Win!

    These endings are the best, Good Job man :)
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    2018 battlefield rumors

    If it follows bad company or WWII I don't mind at all! I am good with both, I am just excited for the new addition to the series, as I was for the previous versions.
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    Stardew Valley Comes to PS Vita With May Release Date

    I would love to use my vita more but the lack of available and reasonably priced memory cards has kept me from using it.