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  1. Suurebud

    Reason for my recent absence

    Hey guys sorry i havent been around much lately, my gfx card on my laptop crashed and i have nothing to game with at the moment, and it may be a decent while before i can afford to replace it. I will be as active as possible on the forums, and as soon as i make my triumphant return to PC gaming...
  2. Suurebud

    Pending: New PC, Downloading slow AF even though my bandwidth is high.

    So i have a new Asus PC, here are the specs: AMD FX Black edition 6 core processor 3.5 Ghz 12 GB RAM 2 TB HDD AMD Radeon R7 340 2GB not sure of the power supply. From what I know, this PC should run just fine, im not sure what would be throttling my download speeds so much...
  3. Suurebud

    Just got BF1 for PC

    Just grabbed it, no previous experience with BF whatsoever, hoping for the best lol. I imagine it would be better with people to play with, so hit me up. Suurebud is my origin. Hope to see ya in game, could use a hand learnin the ropes.
  4. Suurebud

    Wanted: Diablo 2 + LoD

    Need this, for nostalgic reasons, if anyone has keys for these i will spend my coinz on em.
  5. Suurebud

    Anyone play on private servers? (Elysium?)

    nevermind nevermind
  6. Suurebud

    WTB - Month of Netflix

    Kids are goin mental without it, we just switched banks so our card doesnt work for online purchases for the next 30 days. Will trade all my core coins for a month subscription. Think its like 10 or 12 bucks, it can be paid with paypal from what I understand, I would give you my netflix...
  7. Suurebud

    Guild invite

    Can i get an invite to guild? Terminus#1374 says i requested too soon to request again.
  8. Suurebud

    New Game.... Must have.....

    Guardians of Ember on Steam I need this game. You need this game. We all need this game.
  9. Suurebud

    Should be raiding with ya next week.

    Almost 110, then just gotta bang out them ilvl's. Is there room for a rooooooogue?
  10. Suurebud

    Soooo, just bought legion...

    So yeah, i just got legion, i have several chars already on horde mal ganis, however, apparently legion does not come with game time? lol, I wasnt able to afford the game to begin with, so i really cant afford to pay cash for game time, however, if anyone in the guild happens to have enough gold...
  11. Suurebud

    Resolved: Any Wordsmiths/Business Admins? Need help with a resume/CV

    So we just moved to a new city, and I've been having some rough luck to say the least, those who know me, know of what i speak of. I am wanting to apply to google, which has several job openings, in my field even, however my resume really seems kind of dull to me, and doesnt seem to get alot...
  12. Suurebud

    We did it men!!!

    Im overwatch official. Still learning the ropes, but absolutely loving the game so far. Please leave me btags if you're down to game with someone just learnin, though eventually i will want to play competitively :D Alternatively, add me up. Suurebud#11298 Hope to see ya in game!
  13. Suurebud

    I will be joining you soon..... hopefully

    Just moved, and not yet working, and sometimes the wife is hard to convince, but im doing anything in my power to get this game. So hopefully I will be joining you guys soon! If not then much to my dismay, ill stick with the games i got lol.
  14. Suurebud

    WTF Cursed Hollow...

    im lvl 12, and only ever gotten into cursed hollow maps in QM... whats the deal
  15. Suurebud

    Brand New to the game lookin for some ppl to roll with.

    Just gettin into HoTS, loving it so far. Played LoL and smite previously so its coming to me fairly quickly i think. Just lookin for some people to game out with, and possible learn the ropes from. Terminus#1374 :D
  16. Suurebud

    Approved: Suurebud³'s Application

    Games you play: Smite, PoE, LoL, D3, CS:GO, HoTS Main Game: Smite Age: 30 Gender: Male Country: Canada FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: Suurebud, Suurebud³ tag: Terminus#1374 MMO Username: Suurebud Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames...