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  1. Coysonn

    anyone play warframe?

    getting back into it and would love to play with some people!
  2. Coysonn

    Any Tankers out there?

    Just started downloading World of Tanks and decided to get back in after finding a few invite codes that actually work! >.> Hallelujah! If anyone out there plays it let me know!
  3. Coysonn

    T6 Keystone of Trials Anyone?

    I got a few Rift Keystones of Trials if anyone wants to play with me on Torment 6! Special gems and better odds of legendaries! (At least that's what I've read but it could've changed :P)
  4. Coysonn

    Anyone up for some custom maps?

    I found a few "campaign"-like maps built by someone. I haven't finished them yet and they're pretty boring by myself :P If anyone would want to join me that'd be great! :)
  5. Coysonn

    Coysonn's Application

    Games you play: CS:GO, CoD:AW, WoT, WoW Main Game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive Age: 17 Gender: Male Country: United States MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: Starcraft 2 Username: SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: Coysonn Steam Username: Coysonn94 xFire Username: Other...