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  1. Hasmed

    Good Co Op games for Single Pc

    Like I mentioned in the title. I am looking for good co op games for my wife and I to play on a single pc. We do have have 2 xbox one controllers so we have those options. Right now We only have Cuphead and Mario Party on a emulator. Also Civ5 and 6. But we would like to add to our collection...
  2. Hasmed

    Diablo 3 Recruitment Competition!

    Hey guys! So I am holding a recruitment competition for the next Month! There are some awesome prizes included and some rules but hey free loots right?! Prizes 1st Place 20$ - Visa Prepaid Card or your choice on game 2nd Place - 10$ on any platform or game 3rd Place - All my Fever...
  3. Hasmed

    Share This with Everyone!

    They did it again. Fuck EA
  4. Hasmed

    WoW Section! Info inside

    Hi everyone! I have mentioned you today to ask your opinion on the current state of WoW and would like to see your input on boosting the WoW section here on the fever forums! I want to know your ideas on how you think or what type of person we should be recruiting. Currently I had a post out...
  5. Hasmed

    Find a GR Team Thread!

    Hi Guys! So i got a Great Idea from a officer trying to remind me of forum rules! And decided this was the better course of action! So I made a thread for all you d3 players looking for a team for 2s-4s! Follow this template and post what you need or are looking for! Follow Template...
  6. Hasmed

    Monk zDPS Build and Dashing Strike GR45+

    Ok First Build is a zDps build that is great for paragon leveling. Obviously you will need a strong dps but this build will smash you through on leveling. My Buddy gave it to me and I tweaked it a little to help some with dps but doing this in a 4man at GR40-45 you should level 3-4 times per...
  7. Hasmed

    News: Game to be 100gb Download lol

    Here is the post. I picked up 2 custom packages from AMD for the game donated 1 :D but kept one and have not invested much time into there forums but recently been seeing more and more on the game and then...
  8. Hasmed

    Soooo got a skin and a champion and I dont even play LoL

    So yea got Vel'Koz and his Archlight skin even though I do not play league all that often. Anyone else pick one up?
  9. Hasmed

    News: Recruiting - Healers for BRF

    So Yes the raid group I run with on Mal'Ganis is in need of healers(pally /monk) And maybe 1 more tank as back up. We are 10/10N and 6/10H looking for healers at 655-660+. If this sounds good to you please pm me here or in game. We are pretty casual raiding guild raid Tuesday Wednesday...
  10. Hasmed

    Weekly HM Norms

    So that's right every weekend for 2 hours I will be hosting a Highmaul Normal. For anyone in fever who meets some of the minimum requirements. Also if you don't get with me and I can help you fill those to the best of my ability's weather it be running you through dungeon Heroics or helping you...
  11. Hasmed

    Need some help

    Ok so a few of you have told me I could merg my 2 accounts in WoW even though they are different email address but I am using my name on one account and my brothers name on another account. I need someone skilled in this who can talk on the phone with blizzard and have them merg my accounts. I...
  12. Hasmed

    Work Computer I built

    Check out the newest rig I built. Its my comp for work and man are we pleased. Also my bargin hunter skills went into overdrive on this one. Microcenter was my friend Here the build check it out: WorkingMan's Completed Build - AMD A10-7850K, Rosewill Line-M - PCPartPicker
  13. Hasmed

    Schematic- What you have or where to find

    So yea I found this guide to find all the merchant side schematics. Schematic Guide But I was wondering what everyone has so far and if anyone has gotin anything awesome so far ie: tier 4 armor or weapon? Personally I have had a awful drop rate on armor upgrades but weapons I have a few T3's...
  14. Hasmed

    Cevo Open or IM

    Anyone have a team that needs one or Want to start a team. Sadly the group I was playing with disbanded. We lost a player to Main a while back and after 2 wins this preseason lead just disbanded this morning. So looking for a Open team or a IM team that wants a decent player or decent sub.
  15. Hasmed

    Free Football Manager DLC

    Also I have a free DLC for Football Manager if anyone who has the game wants it. Miles' tactic for Football Manager 2015 (DLC Only) - Just send me a PM and its all yours SEGA
  16. Hasmed

    Free coupons for games via Steam

    So I have a bunch of coupons from making some badges. All free just tell me which ones you want and they are yours 75% off Droid Assault 50% off Kill The Bad Guy 66% off Eversion 75% off Two Worlds: Epic Edition
  17. Hasmed

    Dragon Age Inquisition: A complete video Walkthrough

    Ok so I will be updating this when I myself do more or I see a great video on youtube for certain things in Dragon Age. For now I'll post everything helpful I have found about the game thus far from youtube.! Enjoy and watch for more to come.
  18. Hasmed

    Curse Giveaway for 5k in Skins

    So curse is giving away 5k worth of Skins for DH! Curse CS:GO Giveaway Here is a list of everything they are giving away. So join up and get some free skins! Prizes: 1x M9 Bayonet Fade (Factory New) 1x M9 Bayonet Night (Field Tested) 1x Bayonet Slaughter (Factory New) 1x Karambit...
  19. Hasmed

    The current state of the Pro Scene

    Ok so with a lot of recent pro bans I am wondering peoples opinion of the pro scene atm. With KQLY recent ban and accusations from other pros about other players being next. Big names like JW and Olof being tossed around. Also when players like smn giving out a list of players who cha=eat and...
  20. Hasmed

    Fever Server

    Just a heads up guys just got this email for our provider. Dear Xopo Fever Clan, We will be shutting down our current Chicago box on December 17, 2014 we will be moving to an new box with better network connection. This will result in everyone having New IP's as we move everything over we...
  21. Hasmed

    3 Copies of Insurgency!

    Ok So I have 3 copies to give away if you would like one post here and Ill pm you the link!
  22. Hasmed

    Dragon Age: Inquisition -Multiplayer Group

    So like the title seys this is for people to post in so we can make a mutli player group and do some co op :D. Would like to get 1 of each class in the dungeon so we can get all the treasure rooms :D. You need a warrior to break down walls, a rogue to pick locks and a mage to take down barriers...
  23. Hasmed

    My newest sleep remedy

    So I have had sleeping issues since...well forever lol I have trouble getting more than 4 hours sleep and it has been that way for a long while. So much so that my body usually wont sleep for more than 4 hours and I just made it my norm. But recently I have been drinking a herbal tea with a cap...
  24. Hasmed

    Game Review Index A-Z

    Game Review Index A-Z 10,000,000 Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can Antichamber ARMA III ASTRONEER Audiosurf 2 Banished Blade Symphony Bient�t l��t� Brutal Legend Call of Duty: Black Ops II Call of Duty: Black Ops III Chivalry: Medieval Warfare City of Steam Cook, Serve, Delicious! CRIMES...
  25. Hasmed

    Resolved: Building Another Rig

    Ok So I know I posted yesterday about the work Rig and some opinions on it. Well now I am building a budget build for my Brother he gave me around 550 to build this or I say will. Ill add some extra for things and such but I wanted opinions on this. No on the CPU i went with it because of the OC...