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  1. Hasmed

    Good Co Op games for Single Pc

    Like I mentioned in the title. I am looking for good co op games for my wife and I to play on a single pc. We do have have 2 xbox one controllers so we have those options. Right now We only have Cuphead and Mario Party on a emulator. Also Civ5 and 6. But we would like to add to our collection...
  2. Hasmed

    NA Whats your rank and level?

    PS4: level 92 SR 69 PC: level 6. Just made the switch back to PC, as ps4 is super stale and I play the same people all the time bouncing between 71-69 SR
  3. Hasmed

    Pokemon Go App

    The wife and I have been playing it when we go for a run or walks with our daughter. The picture below is what I have caught so far that's good.
  4. Hasmed

    Boop Beep

    Boop Beep
  5. Hasmed

    Overwatch Fever Playerbase - Post here to be added!

    Xopo#1881 NA PC
  6. Hasmed

    For new / upcoming Destiny players <3

    honestly i feel this new RAF alienates actual veteran players, and is going to hurt new players more than help because the "veteran" is just going to rush them through everything and they are going to miss alot just so someone can get new shinnies
  7. Hasmed

    Iron Banner loot!

    nope sadly I do not play on ps4. Im still on ps3 for the time being. My close RL buddies play on ps3 so I just play to play with them. Wish this game would make it to PC that would be glorious lol. Though might be in the works since they hired 3 pc compatibility testers
  8. Hasmed

    Iron Banner loot!

    Yea I have been pooping on people with it. it rolled decently at 315 also. Ill be testing it more in ToO
  9. Hasmed

    Iron Banner loot!

    I got my nirwens mercy in my rank 5 package. Already have a Red Death but this is a awesome addition to my arsenal. Came with couterbalance, smallbore, and glass half full. so OP
  10. Hasmed

    Trials of Osiris LFG/LFM

    got my flawless :D To the Lighthouse boys! If you were on ps3 would have got you in easy
  11. Hasmed

    Blizzard banned someone for botting?

    That would be fiscally irresponsible by blizzard to, IP ban/ban payment options. They are a company first with investors and such. So making money will always be first, and game development second. So they will close that license, person will buy a new one, and then go back to what they were...
  12. Hasmed

    Destiny IG Roster

    ps3 - Xopoz woot only ps3 player
  13. Hasmed

    D3 is worthless due to exploits, bots, Turbo HUD, bots, bots, Turbo HUD and BOTS

    The leaderboards will be fine its so early in the season those numbers now wont make a difference. the 66-69 will be illrelavent in 3 months
  14. Hasmed

    Icy's Need Advice Thread

    I suggest joining one of the many in game community's Like split bounty one or split bounty and rifting. Go to your ingame community tab and just group up if you cant find anyone in the clan.
  15. Hasmed

    D3 is worthless due to exploits, bots, Turbo HUD, bots, bots, Turbo HUD and BOTS

    Wernt you suppose to go join Juice? why are you still in fever you told us all it sucks. No one thinks they are better maybe sups idc im not him but acting like a salty little bitch dosnt help anyone And its all good prog the hellfire exploit is fixed and a bunch and I mean a bunch of people...
  16. Hasmed

    Season 4 Goals

    I'm para 790 something now I haven't reached my goal for paras yet though but for LBs yes I have been in the top 15 until yesterday now i'm like #30 on LBs but that's because everyone is using the snapshot hellfire exploit. When they get rolled back Ill start pushing again
  17. Hasmed

    New EXP/Gear guide in progress! Please, please read and help Fever be the best!

    Ok so this week have been watching xp/hour more closely. Where you are at in gear really depends on what you do obviously. So at my current gear running with 2 supports and 2 dps we were getting 98B/hr in a 62. We tried 65's and they were only about 90B/hr and 60s were only about 88B/hr. So you...
  18. Hasmed

    New EXP/Gear guide in progress! Please, please read and help Fever be the best!

    What people have said in my clan and prog came up with this earlier. They feel running the highest level rift you can in under 10 mins is the best bet for exp right now. Iv seen groups running 60s atm in about 7-10 minutes and getting 1 sometimes 2 levels with one leech at 700 paragon. Its just...
  19. Hasmed

    Second in game Guild

    Use the fever community and make in mando for everyone to join and filter in people from there when others go inactive 25+ days. That way everyone is still in contact. Also im just telling you what wal1ace and the others will tell you. This way they can keep full control of the fever group and...
  20. Hasmed


    pfft you cant run anything but a fever son
  21. Hasmed


    we are all p650+ atm :D Should have 700+ by this weekend with light play. Also congrats to the 2 scrubs in my group Prog and Blonky easy coins boys easy coins
  22. Hasmed

    In Game Clan Invite

    This is the origin of it Now imagine a big ghetto black lady saying that with some sass and you have the Bye Felicia meme....jesus tiph I can only do so much
  23. Hasmed

    In Game Clan Invite

    Clans Full sorry guys BYE FELICIA
  24. Hasmed


    Speed runs are typically under 3 minutes. Thats the goal also the new meta is to have 2-3 leechers and 1 or 2 carrys not 1 zdps anymore due to the xp scaling so yea you can speed run 50s if everyone is pulling their weight and you dont have 3 people in all xp gear. otherwise 45-50 will still be...