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  1. RyderYoshi

    Look what I found under the tree this morning.

    Cleaning it up tomorrow video Saturday? Can't wait to put this cannon next the my face an pull the trigger. Pics don't do this round justice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. RyderYoshi

    Sorry been LOA

    Sorry been LOA, got my first house an engaged been super busy.. but been getting back just now!!! :biggrin-new: hope im still in fever:peace:
  3. RyderYoshi

    Gamer's What headphones you use.. Need advice

    Looking for new headphones I currently use turtle's x11's they have been good. My Birthday is coming up, an decided to ask the Girlfriend for different pair. Need some advice.. I have looked at a lot of headphones but none really seem to be a home run.. Read a lot of reviews price range is $200...
  4. RyderYoshi

    Why does cs : go seems so dead?

    Why does cs:go seem so dead in fever? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. RyderYoshi

    Another Ace Video with new mouse settings!

    I use to suck with the ak an m4 untill i read shades post everything about Cs: go.. I was using 2000dpi an 2.16 mouse sensitivity I felt like 800dpi an 1.64 was really slow at first, but then i could see the different in my rifles. I was almost over correcting my recoil with the higher...
  6. RyderYoshi

    Sawed off Ace!! At the end of the video :guns: Starts off kinda slow it speeds up tho!!! Awp quad kill Awp triple p90 quad kill assist pistol P90 quad kill 250 quad kill Mag-7 quad kill assist pistol Sawed off Ace kill. Penta kill!
  7. RyderYoshi

    Does anyone play this anymore?

    I stopped playing it after buying dayZ standalone. Seems like the forums been dead for a while. Used to play it a lot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. RyderYoshi

    I'm sure someone out there has had a ruff start.

    I'm sure this has happened to someone... haha.
  9. RyderYoshi

    Resolved: Want some advice on new pc set-up..

    So here is where i'm at soo far.. AMD FX-8350, EVGA GeForce GTX 770, Antec Nine Hundred - System Build - PCPartPicker I don't want SSD's they seem still really unreliable! This is my First AMD build recently last one was a single core I'm open to anyone trying to convenience me to go...
  10. RyderYoshi

    Combat logging, is this an issue?

    So, Very many members have been upset by fever members doing this action. After some thinking, I decided to bring this to the light. Most of you probably have heard of, or know about Combat logging. For those who don't, Combat logging is when you engage in a fight an most your team dies so you...
  11. RyderYoshi

    Ryderyoshi's Application

    Games you play: bf3,bf4,War-z, day-z,arma-3,lol, smite, cs.. an many more.. Main Game: Warframe Age: 24 Gender: Male Country: United States MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: biocartridge Starcraft 2 Username: biocartridge SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: ... forget...