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    TWL Tourny

    TWL: CS:GO Branzone Sponsored Tournament!
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    I've been just going up and up was around 600 last week now im at 1161 and going up i've won around 11 and lost 2 today
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    Poseidon Patch

    Ultimate God Pack The Ultimate God Pack has been adjusted so that it now includes all gods in the game, including any future released gods. Those that purchased the Ultimate God Pack previously will receive new gods automatically (there is no need to upgrade). The Ultimate God Pack remains at...
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    Bart's Patch Notes 2/22/13

    New God: Poseidon Changing Tides (Passive): Poseidons movement speed increases and his abilities do additional damage as his Tide level increases. Successful basic attack hits increase his Tide, and using abilities decreases it. Tidal Surge: Poseidon summons forth a wave that travels in a...
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    Poseidon God Reveal
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    Poseidon EVERYTHING

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    Poseidon Abilitys

    hirezstudios - Something smells fishy - Yoloseidon featuring HiRezBart 55 min in
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    Smite Spectator

    I will be receiveing Smite Spectator mode coming soon so be prepared for awesomeness!!!
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    Fav Soda

    whats your fav soda?!?! or drink
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    Cannon Brawl

    Thought this looked pretty cool Cannon Brawl
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    Fever Press: Smite Newsletter 6th Edition

    Word of the Gods SMITE Newsletter Sixth Edition 2/21/13 Patch Notes - Fair well Focus! Hello Smiters! The writing has been on the wall for a while now, with Focus being removed from almost all items in the last few weeks, Focus, the "Utility" stat, has been completely removed from the game...
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    Hot Patch 2-20

    General Fixed an issue in which players were sometimes getting stuck at the login please wait screen. Fixed an exploit in the Item Store. Fixed an issue in which the enemy team could be stuck permanently in the darkness from Xbalanques Ultimate. Modified the back-end technical...
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    Smite Night Announcement

    I will be holding Smite Night this week both on Saturday and Sunday to see which night brings in more people. Both nights will start at 3 pm est so be there and be ready to have fun!!! :afro::calm:
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    1st look at Poseidon

    go to 1:20:00 hirezstudios - poseidon with sp00nerism - damn sp00n i didnt know you like to get wet starring HiRezBart as Denzel Washington
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    Smite Recruitment

    Hey guys I've been looking at the master platoon list for a couple weeks now and I've noticed that we been sitting at a full platoon and one that been sitting at 36 for awhile I'm just asking if we could get a little bit more effort I'm sure we can get more players into our smite section. This...
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    Smite Night Voteing

    Ok This post will be the last one for smite night reschedule This one will allow you to chose multiple days please post times in a reply. Edit: I am available everyday but Monday most of the time and Sunday around 7 pm cst Cronofan Xizzed Blitz Grrhrr Zoinks Valeroth feverdog Stillframe...
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    Valentine Patch Skins

    AO Kuang Parade Dragon Cupid Valentines Bakasura Butcher IMO Best skin is ao's What are your guy's opinions?
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    I'll be posting what the MOTDS are every day for you guys :D Smite Match of the Day for Friday, February 15th. So maybe it didn't work out. It's ok if it didn't. You still have wine, lots of it - and maybe even your decency. Well prepare to get rid of all that as Bacchus, master of the...
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    Fever Press Looking For More Smite Writers

    If anyone has ever wanted to be a part of the Fever Press and likes to talk/write about Smite well come Join today! Pm Grandpa If you would like to Join!
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    I can now edit CS:GO Demos

    As the title says I'm back into the editing scene I can't make anything fancy or anything they basicly will look like my old works but If i really wanted to i could learn how to make them fancy but here is my old works...
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    How to record,view, and use the demo interface

    I made this video so you guys can learn how to use the recording system and get some footage out for fever :D Edit: If i can get fraps working and a working version of vegas pro i might edit some
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    Team Dynamic vs. Quantic Gaming

    going Live Now ESEA
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    Elo Hell

    What Do you consider Elo Hell? Im currently 720ish elo but I won 5 in a row this morning i was owning :D
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    Neith Patch Notes Dem Patch Notes
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    MLG Finals Live

    adren_tv <-- dynmaics adren streaming the finals with his team