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    Pending: TS3 Permissions Help

    Looking for someone who knows their way around the permissions system in teamspeak 3 for some help setting them in my teamspeak. Tried watching a video but had to many questions about how diffetrent things work together.
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    Looking for Minecraft player to join me in CIVCRAFT!

    Civcraft is a minecraft version of civilization series games. It is very in depth and somewhat complicated but dont let that turn you away. There is one public server for the entire mod which is server side so only vanilla minecraft needed. If your interested in joining the FeverClan Civ on the...
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    Cards Against Humanity

    Looking for some fever friends to play Cards Against humanity online or pretend youre xyzzy. IF your interested hit me up with a msg on the forums here and we can set something up!
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    Updates: Clash of Clans Update History

    In this thread I will have all future update information on clash of clans! Every time there is an update rolled out check back here to get detailed lists of all the changes! I will start this by going back to the first of the year and add all of those updates so that we have a pretty decent...
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    News: New Content creator for Mobile

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I am the newest content creator under the mobile apps section of the forum. My main focus will most likely be clash of clans and boom beach. I will be doing weekly updates on these games and possibly others. Hope to help a lot of people with base designs...
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    Giveaway: Looking for a Division beta key

    If you have an extra key please pm me Thanks
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    News: UnOfficial (for now) |Fever| Clash of Clans clan

    I have started a new clan in Clash of Clans for our clan to all get together to do wars together. If you would like to join just search "|Fever|" and I will accept you. Hope to see it fill up quickly!!
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    Resolved: How to overclock RAM

    I have ram that can run at around 2100 and I know my motherboard supports it, just not sure how to actually overclock it. Current speed is sitting around 1600 I think. Any help would be appreciated.
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    eSports: Looking for BO3 players to play with

    New to Fever and looking for some PC players to play BO3 with. Wanna play for fun for a bit to get better at keyboard/mouse, then eventually start up an MLG ladder and compete with others. I have to grind a bit to practice first though. Please send me a message here or on steam to hook up...
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    Approved: TonsOfFun's Application

    Games you play: BO3, BF4, Minecraft, GTAV, civilization games Main Game: Call of Duty Series Age: 20 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: MMO Username: Steam Username: ROC x T0NSOFFUN xFire Username: Other...