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    So tell me wht you're opinion on the beta was. I hoenstly enjoyed it and I was very surprise that I ould run it
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    This why I dont take MM rank seriously Yea, I was the lowest rank and I top frag hard. It was 3v5 at the end the third player left before I took the screenshot.
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    ESEA New Client Update

    So, if you stay in the CSGO scene there no way you wouldn't hear about the new ESEA Client update. The new update is bascially, well lpk say it's an antovirus but totally it's a RAT that have full access to your computer and is always running when start up your windows. What is the opinion of...
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    News: Guess WHAT!!!!

    Soo as of Tuesday, 24th March 2015. I'm about to join the dual monitor club along with the 144hz monitor club. Yes, I place my order for the ASUS 144hz monitor yesterday on amazon. Thank you
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    [Story] My ESEA Open experience

    I would like to say sorry for the grammar. I didnt look over anything was just typing. Soo I started CEVO season 6 with a team I created but it end up not working, which force me to join this other open team. That team didn't work out either because the leader just bail and try to join another...
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    A Friendly Reminder

    I would like to remind the Feverclan that no one and I mean no one is your friend over the internet. When you are on the internet you need to be extra careful. I'll tell you want happen to me today. A player I picked up to play on my CEVO Open team before I disbanned it message me today and try...
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    ISIS Cancel Plans for Fantic Sponsorship

    Well here is the link. I hope you enjoyed reading ISIS Cancels Plans for Fnatic CS:GO Sponsorship | Esports Express
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    Sometime to ligthen your day

    So one thing I love to do is laugh and it's even better when I make other people laugh. I found this gif and I think it will put a smile on your face. Feel free to post other funny images or gif
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    Sad Day for Me

    for some reason everytime I try loading a map, my computer crashes and restart by itself. I cana start the game no problem, sit in main menu no issue but loading a dam map whether it's custom or official I crash and I dont crash to desktop but it restart my whole computer. I had a pre-season...
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    New Operation Update: Vanguard.

    Just like a operation Breakout you will need to do mission to level up your coin. You can find the information about the new operation here CS:GO - Operation Vanguard. I'm planning on doing it just so I can get the gold coin. The guns are imgur: the simple image sharer. Valve added de_season...
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    Am I wrong?

    OK I'm going start off by saying I dont care if I was wrong but listen to this. I'm a CSGO player but I'm not as good as some of my friend and this one kid always talk shit about me and secretly look down on me. One day he was like let me talk shit just this one time and also he never reply to...
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    I thought this wasn't allowed on twitch

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section but I honestly don't know where to put it. I was on my twitter and i saw this retweeet and I was like :emmersed::congratulatory::emmersed::congratulatory: WARNING: Much be mature to click the link This is not anyway of being disrespectful to women. I...
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    Why no FEVER CEVO Open Team

    I don't get it guys. We have the players and we have the skill players. I think someone should make a cevo open team.
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    Graphic of CSGO Teams

    I was on reddit and I saw a post about resource for wallpaper and avater for CSGO teams. here is what I got. You cna also check the post here Wallpapers: CS:GO Team wallpapers - Credits to whoever made them - Imgur CS:GO PROFISSIONAL TEAMS - Minimalistic csgo team wallpapers - Imgur New logo...
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    Sad Day

    So today I had to disban my cevo season 6 team today. After all the hard work of making a team I had to disban it because finding a stable 5th was being moree of an impossible mission then just an easy task. Also I did not have a server for my team to practice on and I couldn't very afford one...
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    Yu Yu Hakusho

    I just want to say one thing here ok. That Yu Yu Hakusho was an awesome anime show. I only remember watching season 1 when I was a kid when it came on cartoon network. I decided to look and watch it again because Summit1G always talk about anime and I had deiced to track down this show. I...
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    HURRY!!! You get can Reddit Gold and Twitch Turbo on Humble Bundle

    I was watching summit1G when some dude in chat said "wtf you fuckers doing, twitch turbo is on humble bundle". I went to check it out and I found that it was true and you can get some cool shit. Here is the link if everyone want to get on this deal before it runs out...
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    What you think of this picture

    I was going through my images, deleting files and I came across this. I just want to know how this image makes you feel
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    CEVO just got better

    We all know that CEVO and Altpug team up to create the pug system that cevo has right now. Today, October, 11 CEVO release their MVP program. The price is $3.99 per month(but for a limited time) so I would say act quickly before the price increase in the future. What the MVP program you ask? All...
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    What you guys think?

    #2 #3
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    What's your opinion

    Ok I was watching Summit1G stream, when a viewer said that Fodder got Overwatch ban while he was streaming. I went to his channel to find out more information about him and what happened. I learned that people called him a legendary cheater who ahve been cheating for a long time, but I'm not the...
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    Video: Funny Video Worth watching

    I'm just going to drop this video here for you guys. If you are having a bad day just watch thid
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    Two clips that JW did in DreamHack Stockholm. You just have to watch them.
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    PopCorn Time

    Hello my fellow Fever Members. I want to tell you about something called Popcorn Time. It waas introduce to me by a friend. It like Torrent but only for movies. You can easily find movies that you want to watch and it has the movies release in the year. It's a program tht is open source so you...
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    The New Season

    I was watching the Human Aimbot, Hiko, on his stream and he was showing image of the new season. I think it and it seem something completely from regular CS maps. It have this modern theme to it. I also have a feeling of this BO2 map but I can't really remember the name of the map but here are...