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  1. vGraffy


    So tell me wht you're opinion on the beta was. I hoenstly enjoyed it and I was very surprise that I ould run it
  2. vGraffy

    This why I dont take MM rank seriously Yea, I was the lowest rank and I top frag hard. It was 3v5 at the end the third player left before I took the screenshot.
  3. vGraffy

    CS:GO Tournament 01AUG2015

    someone should pick me up for their team. I want to win this....that awp right there
  4. vGraffy


    Cloud9 All the way. They could have won..Suck that flamie have to go ham
  5. vGraffy

    My eyes are bleeding. *when i saw this happening*

    Well I was going say fuck that dude but, it seem that he doesnt have the Lore anymore
  6. vGraffy

    This guy is going places!!

    Dude makes shroud look old. I love seeing young people playing like this. Just give me the energy to continue playing this game
  7. vGraffy

    ESEA New Client Update

    Yea, I didnt know that until i kept research. They paid half or 1/3 of the lawsuit that they lost and they agree not to pay the rest if they dont get tangle with any scandal
  8. vGraffy

    ESEA New Client Update

    No ESEA client is bascially a R.A.T, talk my word for it. The thing i see is that ESEa client have always been doing this but now they just doing it 24/7.
  9. vGraffy

    ESEA New Client Update

    So, if you stay in the CSGO scene there no way you wouldn't hear about the new ESEA Client update. The new update is bascially, well lpk say it's an antovirus but totally it's a RAT that have full access to your computer and is always running when start up your windows. What is the opinion of...
  10. vGraffy

    Do some Overwatch!

    i was so happy when I got my Overwatch.
  11. vGraffy


    OMG you should have accept that trade offer. YOu might get ban and block from CSGL. That would be the worst thing that could happen to you. You wouldnt be able to trade with those high ballers and scammer and greedy fucks. Also you should just go to believe me it worth it. You might...
  12. vGraffy

    Grand Theft Auto Fever Crew

    I join the crew. Lets rob and steal shit..loll
  13. vGraffy

    Dat Badge Doe X-)

    I call hax. But congratz I could have badge if did MM
  14. vGraffy

    Info for Fever Cevo Season 7 team

    I will contact you
  15. vGraffy

    News: Guess WHAT!!!!

    Well if that the case then yes. I mostly play FPS games. I dont recall the last time I play something else other than PAC man
  16. vGraffy

    News: Guess WHAT!!!!

    My highest Rank is Double AK. I dont focus too much on my MM rank.
  17. vGraffy

    News: Guess WHAT!!!!

    idk what you mean by TN panel. But I do only play FPS and also I do play Competitively
  18. vGraffy

    News: Guess WHAT!!!!

    The Asus VG248QE...I'm surprise because it said it should arrive next week but I got it this morning before I had to leave for school
  19. vGraffy

    News: Guess WHAT!!!!

    Soo as of Tuesday, 24th March 2015. I'm about to join the dual monitor club along with the 144hz monitor club. Yes, I place my order for the ASUS 144hz monitor yesterday on amazon. Thank you
  20. vGraffy

    Sooo Bad

    Proof that CSGO is harder than COD. I bet you're in game placing your crosshair on the target going full auto and not thinking about the spray control you ahve to do. Also I bet you're reloading everytime you kill someone or fire your gun. Another think is you're not using your environment to...
  21. vGraffy

    Fever Cevo Team

    ok I'm down for that no doubt but I want to make sure it a team build with good players.
  22. vGraffy

    Introducing myself

    Welcome bud. I hope you find a team or group of people who will play with you.
  23. vGraffy


    What another great tournament. IT was sad tha no NA team made it out of group but there always another one
  24. vGraffy

    Booyah is dat you?

    LOll that laugh tho
  25. vGraffy


    I wish an NA team made into playoff