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  1. PsyJester

    Interest in Fever Among Us Tournament?

    sure i'm in if i can make it.
  2. PsyJester

    1v1 Tourney

    That is a good point if rules could be posted or voted on for the tournament that would help as well. IE: timer? ban/ban-able champs, map selection
  3. PsyJester

    1v1 Tourney

    I'm down for it
  4. PsyJester

    1v1 Tourney

    Sure I'd be down for it.
  5. PsyJester

    NA GCC 6v6 Overwatch Tournament (Cross Community event)

    Thanks for the invite but i'm not very competitive and i don't main anything. Good luck.
  6. PsyJester

    Looking for rpgs to fill my time

    Disgaea 1, 2 (more if you go to playstation or switch) which is strategy/turn based/grindy kind. Tales of Symponia, Tales of Zestriria, Tales of Berseria which is kinda story with a bit of strategy combat. Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall, Hong Kong which are scifi magic turn based stradegy...
  7. PsyJester

    Xbox to Pc transfer

    Maybe with an emulator but if you wait for a sale you could get the game for cheap and more reliable way to play on pc.
  8. PsyJester

    Pending: Fresh install of windows 10 but won't run updates

    It was a ram issue and it wasn't found with one pass of the ram checking utility. Repair shop fixed the issue.
  9. PsyJester

    Pending: Fresh install of windows 10 but won't run updates

    Yeah I've done most of that in one way another by either talking her through it or doing it myself through team viewer. I conceded defeat and didn't have much traffic on the post so I recommended a repair shop. sorry for not asking for this to be closed sooner. Thanks again.
  10. PsyJester

    Pending: Fresh install of windows 10 but won't run updates

    its not a factory install. She is going to try that to either run windows 10 repair or reinstall tomorrow but she had some of these problem before she updated to windows 10 with a fresh install.
  11. PsyJester

    Pending: Fresh install of windows 10 but won't run updates

    So I've been trying to help miss joker to fix this issue most of the night. Its a new install of windows 10 and she updated a number of components including the graphics card. The issue we are having is she is getting 0x80073712 every time it tries to download this KB4013418 package. I've...
  12. PsyJester

    When your duo is the only ones on the victory screen

    Fast round 2:27 Anubis
  13. PsyJester

    Self trolling

    I don't remember doing this but thought I'd share.
  14. PsyJester

    Final Fantasy

    Did you slog it through X-2? Dress mechanics....
  15. PsyJester

    Final Fantasy

    I didn't want to recommend 8 because its probably has one of the most odd system of the bunch, though growing up I was a huge fan of it. Twelve also hits that weird ackward system with the ai driven combat, but still fun to play. While we're at it Ten was the first to voice act majority of...
  16. PsyJester

    Final Fantasy

    Not a problem. Glad I could help.
  17. PsyJester

    Final Fantasy

    The order doesn't matter at all they are just repeating the name and a few core themes. 1-6 is top down pixel rpg. 7 and onward are mostly single player 3d. There are sequels to some of them like FFX and FFX-2 or FFXIII, FFXIII and Lighting Returns Final XIII. There are two MMO final...
  18. PsyJester

    Approved: psyjester's Application

    Games you play: OW, LoL, Diablo 3, Rpgs, Stradegy Main Game: Overwatch Age: 35 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: PsyJester League of Legends or other Moba Username: Black Jack Joker tag: PsyJester#1809 MMO Username: Steam Username: PsyJester xFire Username...