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  1. BadFishSC

    Guides: Classic Primer

    Classic is less than a month away. This brings around some questions that need to be addressed. Don't stress though. If this is your first time or you are returning, there should be something in here to help. - Selecting a character I'm not going to go into what is the best/worst class/race...
  2. BadFishSC

    Guides: Alts

    If you have been playing WoW for any period of time, you have probably heard the term "alt" thrown around. This guide will explain most of the things your need to know about alts. This guide will work for BFA but may change in the future. What is an alt? An alt is character you have on your...
  3. BadFishSC

    I know its a long shot, but...

    The primary server we use is Stormrage for Alliance and Mal'ganis for Horde. There are players spread among a couple of other servers but I'm not familiar with anyone on Windrunner. If you do transfer to Stormrage, message me and I can add you to the guild.
  4. BadFishSC

    Guild: Guild Recruitment Ad

    Fever - Stormrage Alliance is currently recruiting. We are rebuilding and combining guilds from multiple servers. Many players have moved on, and we need to fill some spots. We are currently looking for motivated player interested in progression. We believe an enjoyable atmosphere falls in line...
  5. BadFishSC

    Guides: PvE Add-ons

    There has been some talk on Discord, and I usually get asked in stream a lot about add-ons. If you look up anything on the internet about WoW add-ons, most guides usually tell you that it is personal preference. While that is the case, I will provide at least a starting point and you can...
  6. BadFishSC

    Guides: Raid Preparation Guide

    As the title suggests, this is a guide to being prepared for current raids. This can be pugging, normals, AOTC, progression, or farming. This will help you get the most out of the raid. The worse thing is wiping repeatedly to the same boss and constantly having to reset. It costs you gold in...
  7. BadFishSC

    Restarted wow on alliance -- lets play

    Usually, we try to start around 7pm EST.
  8. BadFishSC

    Restarted wow on alliance -- lets play

    Welcome. We are planning on running raids Wednesday and Friday. M+ on Tuesday and Thursdays. For M+, your ilvl will determine the key we push. For raids, ilvl determines the difficulty with Normal at 380 and Heroic at 400. Mythic raids are possible but we will need to be geared out and good...
  9. BadFishSC

    best method to cleanup stash

    Here are my tips since I am pretty picky about my stash. 1 - Gems Make a tab for standard gems (non-legendary). In this tab, I also have potions, Ramaladni's Gifts, uber keys, and a Staff of Herding in this tab. You don't need to keep everything. I have 2 of each potion and only keep the ones...
  10. BadFishSC

    HC specific disconnects

    It is about 50/50 for me. I have lost 3 to skill and 3 due to Comcast. I stopped playing HC since I don't want my ISP to determine if I need to power level a new toon or now.
  11. BadFishSC

    PvE: Improve as a PvE DPS Player

    I wanted to prepare a simple guide to improving as a PvE DPS player. This isn't a guide of how to improve your DPS, it is more of how to improve as a player. While having top DPS is nice, there are other things that are important as a DPS player that should be mastered. 1 - Research The most...
  12. BadFishSC

    Event: Alliance M+ Game Night

    I'm interested in starting an Alliance M+ game night. The goal would be to get run M+ dungeons for gearing with the +10 chest on reset and push further for some progression. The times are open but right now, I am thinking Wednesday and Friday nights from 8 - 11 PM EST and Saturdays from 7 - 11...
  13. BadFishSC

    Anyone else into Mountain Biking?

    I'm into mountain biking. I have a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR and a Specialized Fatboy. Both are awesome on the trails.
  14. BadFishSC

    Looking for people interested in playing WoW Classic

    I am very interested. It took 154 days to clear Molten Core. It would be interesting to see how long it will take now that we are better at the game and we know the strategy. It would be tough to do a progression guild since the raids were 40 man in Classic.
  15. BadFishSC

    World of Warcraft Classic

    I played a night elf rogue in vanilla. He was created in June 2005. I started because a few people I was stationed with played so I joined in. I was Alliance and they were Horde so I had no one to play with. It was tough since leveling was an adventure and was made easier with friends. All of my...
  16. BadFishSC

    Season 16 thoughts?

    Well I did just get a phone. But in all seriousness, S16 looks like a regular balance patch. It feels like every class got an extra 2000 paragon.
  17. BadFishSC

    Season 14 keeps rolling along

    One thing to keep in mind is that the meta is just that, the meta. It outlines what is the strongest. Even though Marauders isn't mentioned a lot, it is no weaker than it used to be. With M6 Grenades, Wudijo was able to push a GR96 a few seasons ago. There is a new M6 Multishot build that a lot...
  18. BadFishSC

    (Breaking News) Is it gonna be D4 or another expansion pack?

    A lot of us think that it will be Diablo 4 since Blizzard lost a way to monetize the game when the real money auction house was disabled. They also had a posting for a mobile MMO/strategy game. I don't see a mobile game being a major release like Diablo 4, since mobile games have a short life in...
  19. BadFishSC

    Back to WoW

    Hello. I'm returning to WoW after a small absence. The last time I played was in vanilla (2005-ish). I have been playing recently but am super lost. Playing 8 hours/day, just doing questing to hit max level is starting to really get tedious. It is hard to play the game because it feels like I'm...
  20. BadFishSC

    So far no good

    I was active in SC2 and everything but I got kicked from the ingame clan.
  21. BadFishSC

    have not played sc2 HOTS in over a year

    I have two builds that I switch between. The first is getting gas at 15, expanding, and get upgrades behind MMM. The gas allows for the upgrades so usually when I'm ready to engage, stim and combat shield are finished along with +1 attack. This usually allows me to win the first engagement and...
  22. BadFishSC

    What are you playing next season?

    Since the monk plays like a casting class now, I'll probably switch to necro for the season.
  23. BadFishSC

    D3 Removals for Inactivity

    As long as you remain active, you should be golden. There is a way to see how is/isn't active under the clan information window in D3.
  24. BadFishSC

    A little help

    If you are using a necromancer without a generator, you can use Blood Rush - Molting to leave a corpse. This is useful since you will not be able to open doors without leaving a corpse. As soon as you enter a GR, use Blood Rush to make a corpse. I know this is months late but hopefully anyone...
  25. BadFishSC

    Coaching Available

    I just wanted to remind everyone that there are Diablo 3 class coaches available for anyone. If you need help with playstyle, picking a class, builds, gear questions, meta questions, or anything Diablo 3 related, find a coach and ask. The current trend looks like Diablo 3 will enter...