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  1. Dieselfrost

    Fallout 76 Update 22 Patch Notes Season 2- September 15, 2020

    We’re releasing Update 22 today, which includes new features like One Wasteland, Daily Ops, Legendary Perks, and the start of our second Fallout 76 Season. This update also brings a number of additional improvements and bug fixes to the game, so be sure to read on to catch the patch notes...
  2. Dieselfrost

    Fallout 76: Update 21 Patch Notes- August 04, 2020

    We’re releasing Update 21 today, which includes the new Fortifying ATLAS community challenges, the Meat Weak Seasonal Event, and our new event “A Colossal Problem” in the coming weeks. This update also brings a number of additional improvements and bug fixes to Fallout 76, so be sure to read...
  3. Dieselfrost

    Event: Social Wednesdays For ESO - 8pm EST

    I can't post the time on Twitter if you don't post it here.
  4. Dieselfrost

    Fallout 76: Update 20 Patch Notes Season 1 - May 30, 2020

    Fallout 76: Update 20 Patch Notes – June 30, 2020 We’re releasing Update 20 today, which kicks off The Legendary Run, the first Season in our new progression and reward system. It also includes Public Teams, a new social system that makes teaming up easier and more beneficial than ever. This...
  5. Dieselfrost

    Announcing Weekly Fallout 76 Event Nights

    Nit at the moment but that will likely change. We are going to be doing regular game nights shortly on top of our special events. Everything will be posted in Discord.
  6. Dieselfrost

    Fallout group was featured on HOATV in twitch for camp builds

    Thank you. I'm hoping we can arrange to have more homes shown soon.
  7. Dieselfrost

    Poker Night Saturdays

    I'm in
  8. Dieselfrost

    Fever Minecraft server

    Hmmm perhaps I need to log on and make a chicken breeder.
  9. Dieselfrost

    Fallout 76 Staff and Available Positions

    Fallout 76 Staff Company Commander Dieselfrost Deputy Company Commander GeAssHu Game Night Coordinator yanzy Game Night Host GeAssHu yanzy Position(s) available (Enlisted or Officer) Coach MerlinsBrother...
  10. Dieselfrost

    Current Fallout player roster with in-game names

    Greetings wastelanders! This is the current roster for the Fallout 76 company of Fever. Without further ado, here is the roster: Fever Member Bethesda (in-game) name Fallout 1st? 7.6 (PiP) Atomic Philosopher Baja_Bandit ben jay Chainsaw9099...
  11. Dieselfrost

    Official Fallout 76 emoji thread

    We certainly need a Dogmeat one.
  12. Dieselfrost

    Community event idea: Amazing Appalachia Races

    I will hop on this weekend and think of a route and rules. I like this. There are some logistics bthat may be tough to solve but it is doable.
  13. Dieselfrost

    Saturday Night Treasure Hunt 6PM Until Midnight EST

    Saturday September seventh we are going to be moving paydirt. So clean out your stash for all that sweet sweet loot. 6PM until Midnight EST
  14. Dieselfrost

    Friday Night Game Night 6PM Until Midnight EST

    Friday September sixth we will be hosting an event farming night. Bring your ammo because there will be lots of stuff to kill. 6PM Until Midnight EST
  15. Dieselfrost

    Fallout 76 Our first ever Raid Day

    Starting at approximately 12pm EST we will host our first raid day. To celebrate its release we will be holding an all day event. Come gather up and get your team's together. We are going to run these all day.
  16. Dieselfrost

    Fallout 76 Saturday Night Nuclear Meltdown Aug 17th 6pm until midnight

    Gather up those keycards. We will be launching nukes all night long.
  17. Dieselfrost

    Event farming Friday August 2nd 6pm EST

    We will be farming events from 6pm until midnight EST. Come for the loot stay for a good time.
  18. Dieselfrost

    Fallout 76 Events

    Aww. Thank you. I'm glad your enjoying it.
  19. Dieselfrost

    This week we celebrate free to play week with Nuclear Winter Summer School

    This Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday @fallout 76 will be hosting Nuclear Winter Summer School from 6PM until Midnight EST This week Fallout 76 is free to play. Come on in and try out the new battle royale mode. If you just want to give the standard adventure mode a try we will be there this...
  20. Dieselfrost

    Announcing Weekly Fallout 76 Event Nights

    Starting this week Fallout 76 will be holding two weekly event nights. On Fridays form 6PM to 12AM EST we will hold a weekly farming night. This week we will start it off with Arktos Pharma. Come on in and run it as an organized team to gain maximum rewards and plans for the new items. On...
  21. Dieselfrost

    Fallout 76 Thoughts?

    I plan on staying with it. It keeps getting better even if new content tends to be bumpy at first. I enjoy different play styles and testing theories on the game.
  22. Dieselfrost

    Are video games dangerous? / Affecting the young generation to be violent!

    This has been disproved over and over again. There is no direct link to video games causing violence.
  23. Dieselfrost

    Approved: Dieselfrost's Application to Join

    User name: Dieselfrost Game(s) you play: Fallout 76, Fallout 4, Minecraft, Seven Days to Die, Space Engineers, Battlefield, I'm old so the list is long Age: 44 Gender: Male Current In-Game Username(s): Dieselfrost for all of them Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes Referrer: Daddyoisme How...