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  1. Wroctaw

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

  2. Wroctaw

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

  3. Wroctaw

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

  4. Wroctaw

    1v1 tournament

    I'm looking at doing a 1v1 tournament. Right now I'm just seeing if there's interest. I would like atleast 10 people minimum. Tag me on here or message me on discord. Prize would be fever award and ingame gems!
  5. Wroctaw

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

  6. Wroctaw

    Albion giants league

    Let me know if there's interest in starting a team. I can work on getting squad support for your team. Would include a discord channel for text and voice a forum to record practices and games.
  7. Wroctaw

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

  8. Wroctaw

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

  9. Wroctaw

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

  10. Wroctaw

    Recruiting links.

    the following list of recruitment posts. If you know any other sites to recruit let me know I can get it added to the list
  11. Wroctaw

    Updates: 7.4 Patch Notes

    Baby Yaga - New upcoming god!! PASSIVE – CREEPING CABIN Baba Yaga’s Cabin accumulates up to 100 essence over time, when it moves, and if enemy gods get too close. Baba Yaga can approach the Cabin and use this essence to gain evolving item stacks. Items with a low stack count take more...
  12. Wroctaw

    This or That?

    tacos Android or iphone
  13. Wroctaw

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

  14. Wroctaw

    PvE: Shadowlands Raid group

    Good Afternoon everyone, I am looking at building a raid group for shadowlands that will be doing mythic level content. This is a preliminary post and as development continues I will update this post. I will have a few requirements and expectations since this is going to be a mythic level team...
  15. Wroctaw

    Town of Salem All Fever Edition: Part Two

    I'm down. Unless it's too late to sign up
  16. Wroctaw

    Guild: Wroctaw's M+ 10+ run guides

    These guides are assuming you know the basic boss fight strats. These guides are how to pull and obelisk positioning for keys 10 and higher, Atal'Dazar This strat requires a rogue or a willing sacrifice . Start the run by running down to Rezan and doing his fight. after Rezan dies go to the...
  17. Wroctaw

    Game Night Schedule

    Zilluzionist I'm going to change the date to sundays same time for the time being. I want to get involved in the D&D group on fridays.
  18. Wroctaw

    Guides: Striker tank build

    I like it. The shield from the strikers on hit effect doesnt have a stack limit from what I've seen. I've had a 2000 shield from it so far.
  19. Wroctaw

    Reviving Dauntless

    Looking forward to see you two at game night.
  20. Wroctaw

    Returning player

    Hey guys I redownloaded game. I could use some guys to play with and relearn items and meta and stuff. Ign aedee