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  1. Miinfin

    D3 Season 17 Leveling Event 7:30PM EST

    I will probably be on for this, but I will likely be late due to when I get out of work. If that means I need to be grouped with those that can't stay until 70, that's fine. I do want to pace myself better this season, as I got burnt out on S16 pretty quickly
  2. Miinfin

    7 letter word game!!

  3. Miinfin

    7 letter word game!!

  4. Miinfin

    7 letter word game!!

  5. Miinfin

    Season 16 Clan Attendance

    I haven't been on in a couple week mainly due to burning myself out on it. Will probably get some time in this weekend.
  6. Miinfin

    Origin Names

    Miinfin Don't play much, but will play when I can.
  7. Miinfin

    Music: What are you listening to right now?

    Avatar Radio on Spotify
  8. Miinfin

    7 letter word game!!

  9. Miinfin

    Looking for interest in boardgame nights!

    I'm going to keep an eye on this. I love board games (have a large closet with a LOT of them), just have to justify buying digital versions vs the real ones for family time at home.
  10. Miinfin

    7 letter word game!!

  11. Miinfin

    So did you win the GR 70 Primal lottery or did you strike out?

    Just cleared my first GR70, and I got a decent roll on Pinto's Pride for the Inna WoL build. I'd say I got lucky on that.
  12. Miinfin

    7 letter word game!!

  13. Miinfin

    New to the Clan? Introduce yourself!

    Joined a couple days ago, had a great time in the Last Wish raid tonight. Hope to do so again soon!
  14. Miinfin

    Approved: Miinfin's Application to Join

    User name: Miinfin Game(s) you play: Destiny 2, Diablo 3 Age: 35 Gender: Male Current In-Game Username(s): BNET: Alagrion#1452, Miinfin in most other games Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes Referrer: Medic739 How did you find us?: Bungie Forums Have you been in FeverClan before?: No...