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  1. Thundernut

    Chromie's Wall of Heroes

    US BFA Level Team Dash 1st Place: Wroctaw 2nd Place: Mr Twinky 3rd Place: Verrin EU BFA Level Team Dash 1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place: BFA Class Firsts Paladin US: Verrin Paladin EU Rogue US: Wroctaw Rogue EU Death Knight US: Decimous Death Knight...
  2. Thundernut

    EU Silvermoon BFA ready

    Hey guys; This is for EU PLAYERS ONLY Before BFA release we would like to know about people who are considering playing a character with us, so we know what class, spec and if you want to raid or just play casual. Firstly you best bet is to join us on silvermoon now as a casual anyway...