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  1. Shonenn

    Valorant player ID list

    Naruko Shoukichi #NA1
  2. Shonenn

    Hearthstone Staff

    Hearthstone Section PositionName Section leader, XO Shonenn Administrator Event/Game Night Host
  3. Shonenn

    Any active players

    hi there. My name is Shonenn and I am currently seeing if there is any clan members who are still active on Hearthstone or interesting in playing.
  4. Shonenn

    Looking for more active players

    I am looking for active HoTS players.. If you looking to play , please drop bnet tag or hit me up on discord
  5. Shonenn

    Coaching for hots

    If anyone is interested in being coached for hots , i more than happy to give you any help you need. Just drop bnet tag or message me on discord
  6. Shonenn

    Coaching for anyone interested - TFT included

    Hi there, my name is Shonenn. I would like to offer coaching for anyone Bronze-Plat since those are the players I believe I have knowledge to share with .Everyone can improve and it doesn't hurt to hear some free pointers that could help you in the upcoming season to achieve the rank you desire...
  7. Shonenn

    Coaching Available

    I been asking for 3 days now on discord for help with D3 but I have been ignored so i will try asking here. Looking for basic help with game ,