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  1. SunKenRock

    Last of Us 2

    I know most are pc around here,but none shall forgot that sometimes games of great enjoyment come out on consoles only . Some are just timed to be on there ,while others are only for that system only . This is one of those games ,and it was one of the single player games ive enjoyed out of the...
  2. SunKenRock

    Space Battles

    Schedule All players with access to combat missions and tests in their Service Record are eligible for Space Battles. Beginners in World of Warships will have to play 70 battles in any of the available modes before being granted access. Please note that you need to switch to Space Battles in...
  3. SunKenRock

    Patch Notes & Videos

  4. SunKenRock

    What are you watching?

    Thought to add this thread as well , for those who might not type in the chat or find this thread easier to display similar shows that you are watching. Not so much recommendation but a way to connect or ask about shows someone might be watching. Im mostly watching season by season , though i...
  5. SunKenRock

    Winter is Approaching

    With some series over half way done (minus the multi season shows) is anyone looking forward to anything in the season starting in Jan? Or are you just gonna stay focused with whats out now and see it when the time comes. Dual Xenovialee Flux SathKa and any other fans out there i have not...
  6. SunKenRock

    Update 0.7.11

  7. SunKenRock


    and halloween event
  8. SunKenRock

    If you had to chose...

    Now i know we have all these games that we play . You have Mobas , Shooters, RTS ,RPG, MMO , and just about everything else that can fit in several categories. It is also nice to have side games that you can bs in , and get your enjoyment without have to go back right away like you need to catch...
  9. SunKenRock

    Update 0.7.9 | World of Warships

  10. SunKenRock

    World of Warships - Update 0.7.7 Link and detailed notes:Patch Notes Go Navy
  11. SunKenRock

    World of Warships - Update 0.7.5 Link to Patch Notes:American Cruiser Patch
  12. SunKenRock

    Graf Zeppelin call me interested
  13. SunKenRock

    Battleship Wouldnt it be fair if the one in game could turn its turrets this fast and have a quick reload? Target LordsShield Gizmo256