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    Taking time away

    As some of you may have heard I'll be taking some time away due to a combination of health/work related issues. I'm hoping it won't be a long away period, but I can't say for sure. I'll pop in when and where I can and with any luck I'll be able to poke my head in and say hi for a few minutes...
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    Crafting Guides & Speed Leveling Crafting

    Updating 6/29/20: There are quite a few great links to help new/current/elite players in the game. If you have any more that you think could be of use to players please send me a message and I'll include it here! GW2 Ultimate Map Guide This map guide shows all locations to get you that...
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    Looking For Game Night/Morning Suggestions

    Getting a regular game night or morning running is something that I am looking to put together. But I would like some input from those of you that are playing Gw2. So far the ideas that I am tossing around would be: WvW (That would be October when in theory it wouldn't matter if we were...
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    NA Going Gw2

    Hey everyone, I've discovered how addictive the game is and am hoping that we can bolster the number of players. You'll be able to find me on the discord frequently and I'll be in game frequently so hit me up. Just send a freind request to Tiara Ambrosia in game and I'll add you. I'm still...