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  1. BhadPad

    8.2 Patch showing that Blizzard MIGHT not be COMPLETELY clueless

    If you were let down by the release of BFA don't worry your not alone .. From seeming to just have hard swapped legendaries for necklaces, to being locked into certain classes and in a sense locked out of others because there either OP or just not viable , Patch 8.2 looks like the first step in...
  2. BhadPad

    BFA Beta Key Giveaway

    On Friday July 6 from 10 a.m. PDT through 9 p.m. PDT, you can enter for a chance to win a Battle for Azeroth beta key by sharing a screenshot of a slain enemy or NPC of the opposite faction with the hashtag #BattleForBeta on Twitter. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted within one...
  3. BhadPad

    Abilities added to the Global Cooldown for BFA

    All the abilities below are on the GCD unless otherwise stated. Latest Changes Mage's Time Warp has been removed from the GCD Shaman's Bloodlust and Heroism have been removed from the GCD Class Buffs Click Here to Find Out More About the Class Raid Buff Abilities Arcane Intellect...
  4. BhadPad

    BFA Changes To skills, talents and New Necklaces (DK , Druid Hunter & Mage)

    Along with Tons of changes to characters BFA introduces The heart of Azerorth & its empowering reagent Azerite . Heart of Azeroth The Heart of Azeroth is an Artifact Quality medallion that is a gift from Azeroth and Magni Bronzebeard. Here are the basic details: You'll carry the Heart...
  5. BhadPad

    how to wow?

    It's a great time to resub duzeyyy. Come hang out in discord and get a feel for the wow community . There's a lot of new members since the last time you played .