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    Candy List on Jabbit 2

    Hi Guys, As some of the Wildstar players will know. Wildstar is having it firsts Holiday. One of the quests requires you to visit peoples houses and collect different candies (there are 8 to collect). Well I have made a list on Jabbit-2 (Which has gone a bit Viral), but I thought I...
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    Hi Guys, As I said in the Beginner's Guide : Leveling, I want peoples suggestions of what people want me to write about next. I have a couple of idea's already, but it will be more beneficial if other's make suggestions as well. Please do not ask for class guides, as this will be...
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    Beginner's Tips: Leveling

    Hi Guys, Houyami is taking over the Class Guides. So I will start to put some beginner guides together. I will make a new post where people can put their suggestions. To start off with I am going to be talking about levelling. The different ways you can level, and also ways you can increase...
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    Esper Stat Priority

    Hi Guys, On the EU side, people are asking me a lot of questions about the game. How to do certain things, and how they should be gearing, where they should be levelling etc. I thought it would be useful for both the EU and NA scene if I started to make posts on the forums explain certain...
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    Wildstar Jabbit-2 EU Guild

    Hi All, Just wanted to make a quick post to inform everyone that we have a Fever Guild on Jabbit-2 EU. If you are a member of the clan then all you need to do is message either me, Miiko, or Daddy and we will add you the guild. We are not inviting anyone to the guild unless they are...
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    Pet Pictures

    Some people in Clan already know this, but me and Miiko love our puppy dogs. But I thought it would be cool, if posted pictures of their pets on the forum as well. So here is a couple of pictures of mine and Miiko's dogs.
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    WildStar goes F2P

    Hi Guys, Was wondering if anyone was planning to start playing Wildstar. As it goes F2P tomorrow. Me and Claire (Miiko) played it when it first came out, but didn't want to pay for 2 sub based games (WoW won). Now that it is going f2p we are going to go back to it. I was wondering if...
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    Well after News Bots article I have looked into this game a bit. It looks like a cross between Overwatch, HotS, Dirty Bomb, TF2 lol. And YES I will be playing it. What is everyone else thoughts? and will you be playing?
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    Approved: Sixth's Application

    Games you play: Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League, Dirty Bomb, Team Fortress 2, Diabloe, Hearthstone Main Game: Heroes of the Storm Age: 27 Gender: Male Country: United Kingdom FPS Username: Sixth League of Legends or other Moba Username: Sixth tag: Sixth#2765 MMO Username...