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  1. LordsShield

    Idea's for Game Nights GW2

    just wanted to put this out there to see where others would like to spend their time on Game nights with the Clan. if you have any other ideas feel free to add them in a reply!!!! Ballbuster 7.6 Aedric SilverDuke310 Violet SunKenRock Lucas2020 Monkeyworm
  2. LordsShield

    Howdy Y'all

    what's up everyone. haven't been around in a while. took a bit of a sabbatical, but i am re-emerging from my crazy life and finding time to be on the computer with this crazy virus being around. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, and looking forward to being introduced to a whole lot...
  3. LordsShield

    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Was just curious to see if there are any other people out there that still play ? My self, Target , Medic739 started playing again and would love to see more people on! Post a reply if you still have a interest in playing !
  4. LordsShield

    possible game for gamenight? StickFight??? this video is hysterical and the game looks awesome and im thinking about buying it and possible making this a gamenight game! anyone esle interested? let me know what you think?
  5. LordsShield

    Vision for World of Tanks

    hey guys, so i have taken over for Wargaming section in FEVER and i just want to give you guys a brief idea on what i want to do with our World of Tanks section. I would love to start having everyone actively recruit in game! weather its posting something in the general chat or if its...
  6. LordsShield

    Game Night!!!! VOTES NEEDED!!!!

    hey guys ! wanted to officially make a game night for World of Warships!!! seeing as how we have quiet a few members playing! i was hoping to have a event this Saturday at 8 PM EST or on Friday at 9 PM EST. i'm going to make a poll for people to go ahead and decide what day we should stick to...
  7. LordsShield

    Vikings vs. Eagles

    who do you guys think is gonna take it home? I'm rooting for Minnesota
  8. LordsShield

    add me to the roster :D

    hey guys, im going to be joining you all shortly maybe tonmight but if not then tomorrow for sure! my in game name is LordsShield feel free to shoot me a clan invite! i am looking forward to playing with you all soon!
  9. LordsShield

    2018 battlefield rumors

    so this week alot of rumors where being spread. first was the rumor of them returning to the badcompany series and making a bad company 3 game which i was super stoked for because who doesnt love bad company? but now the rumor is its going to be WWII style which is also awesome! what do you guys...
  10. LordsShield


    Hey, all just wanted to say hi and welcome to our new Official World of Tanks clan for Feverclan. i am your combat officer for the clan and Broodmayhem is your CO for the clan in game! we would love to see more of you around and stopping in and playing with us! i mean hey its a free game...
  11. LordsShield

    anyone still playing at all?

    just started getting back into it and was curious if any one is still playing on the Edan servers?!?!?!?!
  12. LordsShield

    G2A is doing something NEW and DIFFERENT

    So G2A is a website where you can buy and sell your video games. (in case you didn't know that already) they recently launched this platform called goldmine where you get people to click on a reference link such as this and a cookie gets installed on...
  13. LordsShield

    still playing on pc?

    is anyone still currently playing on pc at all?
  14. LordsShield

    Fantasy Players Look NO MORE!

    Hello everyone! just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone was interested! Thank You for your time and if you have any questions just message me or catch me on teamspeak. Do you Enjoy Fantasy Sports? I have something for you that you cant pass up, and please take a few minutes to...
  15. LordsShield

    Fantasy Sports Fan? Cant Pass up this Opportunity!

    Hello everyone! just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone was interested! Thank You for your time and if you have any questions just message me or catch me on teamspeak. Do you Enjoy Fantasy Sports? I have something for you that you cant pass up, and please take a few minutes to...
  16. LordsShield

    Traveling with a console

    Hey guys ill be flying back to the states here shortly and was wanting to get your opinions. Should I send my Playstation 4 home in my goods and be with out it and any entertainment for 6 weeks or would it make sense to put it in a checked bag and put it on the plane or put it in a carry on...
  17. LordsShield

    Absolutley outrage... how do you now know the meaning of Memorial Day?

    ASMDSS | Memorial Day Morons: Americans Clueless About Holiday and Reason For It People are absolutely Clueless. if you dont know what it is please ask me i will gladly explain it to you... if you dont and remain ignorant like this that's your issue...
  18. LordsShield


    Hey guys just giving you a opportunity to see what black desert online is all about so you can see for yourself and make your decisions if you would like to buy it!!! ENJOY
  19. LordsShield


    hey guy's so the announcement we have all been waiting for. Black Desert Online will be release March 3 2016. the 2nd Closed beta period will be opening up on FEB 18th. if you want more information click HERE for more info
  20. LordsShield

    Starting up again

    hey guys i just decided to resub to WoW because i have a void in my heart only it can fill. so i will be playing this weekend on Mal'Ganis and i will be in TS so hit me up please if you would like to play
  21. LordsShield


    wasup guys just wanting to see if anyone else is picking up black desert online? just pre-purchased it and im super stoked for it. if you plan on playing let me know down below and we will try to hang out in TS
  22. LordsShield

    new ranked season start??

    So when does the new 2016 season start for ranked? me and Piercedangel96 have been trying to figure out. thanks in advanced.
  23. LordsShield

    My Youtube Channel starting back up !!!

    hey guys just as the title says im starting my personal youtube channel back up. will be posting lots of armored warfare, World of Tanks and tons of CS:GO, so if you are interested please go ahead and check out my channel! and subscribe if you want to !! and leave comments on the videos or here...
  24. LordsShield

    Just Re-subed

    hey guys just letting you all know i just re-subed im normally always on on the weekends, playing world of tanks or other games. feel free to hop on my TS for my world of tanks clan, im always on it the ip adress is like i said im always on that ts so feel free to drop...
  25. LordsShield

    DCUO anyone ?

    Just recently started playing with Groundhog and was curious if anyone else played!