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  1. Raphael

    AUS Would anyone be interested?

    Would anyone be interested in playing with some Fever members on a 5x server? The mods that are installed are pretty decent, but no OP at all. Community is very active and the server still has a lot of places to build. We are currently 4 Members in the tribe but if you want, you can make...
  2. Raphael

    Photo: Doiri's Meme of the Day

  3. Raphael

    Guys, i found out why Pheonix loves sorceress so much We were wrong, they are an amazing class Pheonix Atakapa Raiiken Ariel Badger
  4. Raphael

    This game.

    Is awesome. That is all. You may continue browsing the forum. I want to tame my first dino, can anyone help me through the process? what to tame first etc?
  5. Raphael


    So who else is LOVING this? zombhe Casper219 Grimort 0yme0 Snailey
  6. Raphael

    Mid-Level Lazytown Manager hired as CFO of CCP

    In relation to one of the Managers at LazyTown being hired as CFO of CCP, i found this randomly across a website. This is not even necessarily eve related so you should look at it.
  7. Raphael

    Pay2Win? Read for yourself. Did not see this coming. I was going down to the bank to put some cash in my account so i can buy this game. Might wait a little longer to see how this develops. For me, air drops...
  8. Raphael


    I am looking at creating prefixes for this section Something along the lines of Comics: Poetry: Etc etc etc 0yme0 SycoMage Blackstone BruC0Ndr I want this section to involve all of the suggestions for different kinds of sub-forum like the comic book section suggestion that you made...
  9. Raphael

    NA or EU?

    Downloading this game currently, i was wondering, is the EU section still alive or should i stick with the US guild?
  10. Raphael

    First Penta!

    I got my first pentakill so i decided to make this post so i could tag you and make fun of you kratmaster Cybernetcrash Smargoos zabuzahak1
  11. Raphael

    Summoner name change - 50 % OFF!

    Just wanted to let people know, if you ever wanted to change your name in LoL, soon you will have the chance! Starting September 25th to October 2nd
  12. Raphael


  13. Raphael

    test #2

    testing again
  14. Raphael

    Who plays "7 Days to Die"

    As title says, we have created a nice base with an extensive underground system on the server of 24h Wasteland PVP We are 4 guys building the house, JOIN US!
  15. Raphael

    Supercapital fight in Low-Sec

    Breaking: Super Capital Fight In Daras | Eve Online News | I was there, being a good killmailwhore and managed to steal a nice hardner worth 600 mill :) Oh, and my team lost horribly :P
  16. Raphael

    Who still plays this game?

    I am interested in who is playing and who is where in EVE
  17. Raphael

    WildStar Closed Beta Giveaway!

    WildStar Closed Beta Giveaway Promo Codes Less than 200 keys left. GO!
  18. Raphael

    40% off Company of Heroes 2

    I got a coupon for 40% off company of heroes 2 if anyone is interested, valid until 04 december! First one to ask gets it :)
  19. Raphael

    This can't be an actual language.... Any finnish people to confirm? :P
  20. Raphael

    Even league has better matchmaking than this

    First game of the day, i get vote kicked 3rd round by my team because i said "i dont speak russian btw", 2nd game i get an obvious aimbotter. 3rd game we have an afk. this games makes me rage so hard sometimes..
  21. Raphael

    League of Legends Tournament- 5v5!

    It is time for another LoL tournament since there has not been one in ages. This tournament will be a 5v5 as the community has chosen in the previous poll Rules are as following -Summoners Rift -Fever only -Draft Pick Prizes -RP card per member -If one match is won, FeverVsFever awarded...
  22. Raphael

    Damn you Smite!

    Damn you smite, you have all the Norwegians in the clan, making me download Smite and shit! *angry mumbling*.....!
  23. Raphael

    Discussion: Cybernoobs bedtime story

    Never ask cyber for a story while you are bored at work Cybernetcrash
  24. Raphael

    Video: If you are a brony, watch this.

    Sorry if this has been posted before This Is What A Brony Party Looks Like Watch until the ending, i died of laughter( i am posting this from heaven)
  25. Raphael

    Possible tournament

    Hello league community, i decided to create a LoL tournament since there hasn't been one in a ages, BUT i need YOUR help in deciding what sort of tournament it will be! Prizes i am thinking of will be 30 USD RP card + maybe a game i choose on steam, for 2nd prize i am thinking 15 USD + a beta...