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    Classic World of Warcraft Launch Event & Leveling Competition 8/26 3PM PST to 9/6

    As Classic World of Warcraft is released on Monday 26th of August 3 PM PST, we are going to have unique week+ long launch event & leveling competition. I hear someone asking why would you want to play right at the start? Why? Because this launch will be epic, disastrous, abysmal, hilarious...
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    Horde Classic WoW Guild meeting 6 PM PST Sunday 25th

    Horde guild meeting at 6 PM PST On Sunday 25th on Discord Agenda: Fairbanks is Full. Decision on to stay on Fairbanks or switch to Blaumeaux (Likely facing queue of hour+ on Fairbanks) NOTE: We decided play it by the ear and only decide on Monday around 1 PM PST if we do Fairbanks with...
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    Bigglesworth Horde - LFG for Leveling group mega thread

    We are on PvP server and the population is quite high as well. Group leveling can be more fun then solo only and you are less likely to be attacked while leveling if you are in group. The purpose of this thread is to help people form groups and let group leads to set expectations on their group...
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    Primer for 5 man group leveling using dungeons (very fast)

    Overview Some of you may have heard that the fastest leveling method that greatly helped otherwise slow leveling classes was dungeon grinding (includes quests in dungeon) with some selective questing (Dungeon quest chains, some elite quests and kill quests). This was tested extensively in...
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    Raid Composition and working individual raid group combos (Discussion)

    Our Classic WoW guild has large amount of very experienced players in all roles of raiding. At the moment about half of us have full or near full Naxxramas experience. There are many raid combos that work and we have room for experimentation as well. Personally I would love for us to come up...
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    Anyone else have time off/vacation lined up for Classic WoW release?

    Personally I have so many vacation hours banked and overflow of 200 hours from last year that allows me to take off enough time to really enjoy classic WoW launch and level up both main and alt during the first month. I'm curious on who else managed to take off some time for classic WoW launch?
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    Fever Horde Guild server (Bigglesworth)

    Given the fact that we are trying to avoid major streamers due to the unwanted side effects, we will try to actively avoid those servers they are going to. Initial information points them going to East Coast servers and also avoiding specifically few servers. However we do not know where they...
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    Fever Horde Guild Roster

    I have created a google spreadsheet to list our roster at this point. Feel free to update me on your class, professions and other information listed in here. Roster link Regarding our primary weeknight raiding roster, our current class spread is following: We could use 1 more Hunter All the...
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    Best in Slot items from Crafting

    Depending on phases of the Classic WoW it is possible to have crafted items which are Best in Slot choices for your class. The intent of this post is to list which ones are the good ones to have and where/how to get those. I will also list few Runner Ups which are almost Best in Slot. Tailoring...
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    Classic WoW leveling strategies

    With Classic WoW less than month away at this point it is time to look at how leveling was done back then and also apply learnings from Beta as well. Ideally it should be possible to do some group leveling without it being slower than solo leveling. What to expect from leveling in Classic WoW...
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    [H] <Fever> PvP | Bigglesworth | Semi-Hardcore is recruiting (our standard recruiting post)

    Overview Fever guild for Classic WoW is a part of larger Fever Clan gaming community. Our goal for Classic WoW is to clear all raiding content without it turning into a 2nd job. We are not competing for server first. While raiding is our focus we are not forgetting PvP. We like our PvP as...
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    List System (Our Classic WoW Raid loot distribution)

    This is unique system we designed long time ago back in 2005 when pitfalls of DKP had become too apparent. It was used by multiple guilds over several expansions. It was designed to combat hoarding, allow sitting out of raid, speeding loot distribution, Force people to plan ahead a bit with...
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    Clan/Guild crafters for WoW Classic

    This is something that will help the clan a lot early on (like first 4-6 months). What is a guild crafter anyways? Professions are a bit bigger deal in Vanilla WoW as it takes good amount of time and resources to make it to skill level 300 and having all relevant recipes including needed...
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    Classic WoW Feverclan Preparation meeting 7/7/19 7 PM EST

    The purpose of this meeting is to give interested folks chance to be heard and finish the planning. Following is the list of items we are going to lock down once and for all so we can proceed with recruiting and plans in general for WoW Classic. So we will have meeting forum this Sunday 7 PM...
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    WoW Classic BETA notes from BETA tester perspective

    So turns out I got lucky and got into WoW Classic BETA on very first wave. I will be testing and comparing it to my memories as well as private servers that many have been using while official severs were not available. I will be testing with Mage at this time and Druid later. So let me know if...
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    Path 2.6.5 (Season 17) patch notes and FAQ

    New Season 17 with Patch 2.6.5 will start on May 17th 5 PM PST 2019. Patch notes and FAQ
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    Key Decisions for Classic WoW to enable efficient recruiting

    Looking at the number of people we have in clan who have expressed interest in Classic WoW at the moment, it is clear we need to recruit considerable number of people. A lots of clans/guilds are already recruiting for Classic WoW even ahead of the release date announcement. The minimum...
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    WoW Classic Guides & Resources Master Index

    We are starting to get Classic WoW information almost weekly now and we know it is going to be released during summer. My expectation is July or August with latter being more likely scenario. The buzz around Classic is starting to hit the high gear and it is easy to notice, just look at Youtube...
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    Fever clan Classic WoW faction selection questionnaire

    Since Vanilla raids require 40 people and to support 40 player raids clan needs to have 50-60 people to allow absences. Initially number will have to be higher as Classic is not for everyone and there will be some fatigue. This means we can't afford splitting the community between 2 different...
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    4 Person Reaper's wraps bounties focused event Friday 10 PM EST

    What: Act 2 and 3 bounties in 4 person group in order to craft up to 200 Reaper's Wraps. With 2 people doing same act, we can expect under 5 minute clear times, which means it should take us maybe 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete 13 sets of Act 2 and 3 bounties When: 3/1/2019 10 PM EST for...
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    Season 16 has been extended to May 12th and there will be changes + PTR for S17

    News from Blizzard What this means is that as suspected the March end date was not correct. The more important piece of information is that Season 17 will come with new Patch 2.6.5 and PTR, which means further changes. This is exciting news. NOTE: There was a large 128 MB PTR download...
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    News: Clan Season 16 Leaderboards standing and news, weekly update

    Clan Season 16 Leaderboards standing and news We always keep updating our Nephalem Wall for all clan clears at the end of the season. Since this is one season where lots of classes can all push and manage higher Greater rifts levels I figured it would be fun to track and update on the “Race”...
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    Season 16 analysis between Sunwuko and Inna's WoL builds

    I do not take credit for this one, I found excellent analysis for Sunwuko vs Inna's WoL and wanted to share it with clan
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    Season 16 bad luck and how to deal with it

    This is as much for reminding myself and helping others to deal with bad luck on season so far as it is to show how to make your own luck. A lot of it is based on my experience from previous seasons. You might be one of the people that has not really had much luck despite the large number of...
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    So did you win the GR 70 Primal lottery or did you strike out?

    So since this season first GR 70 will get you one random Primal, lets compare and see who stroke out and who got a jackpot. I would say getting usable weapon/off-hand or Jewelry with mostly right stats is jackpot. Primal for item that nobody uses, not even LoN setup is same as Striking Out...