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    Epic Mafia is down

    hrgordon, SimplyPam, Blackstone I am at work, and currently lost without EM to play. I have never experienced this before. In need of help.
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    Mafia Game #17

    14 Players Hazazer hrgordon Aug Deltascourge billy_da_bob efgodlike Blackstone Rage487 bunkerbuster Izzo Fox Rizzah Yass Emmy - - - - - - - - - - - Roles Cop Journalist (See below for description) Blacksmith (See below for...
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    Epic Mafia Epic Fail

    hrgordon, Rage487, Blackstone, Aug, billy_da_bob - Check this game out, let me know what your feelings are.
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    Mafia Game

    hrgordon - Check this out and tell me what you think. I was laughing so hard the ENTIRE time.
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    Grinding out Tanaan Flying rep

    Hey all, I'm looking to get a group together this weekend to grind out revered with the Saberstalkers rep. A group of five of us could grind from neutral to revered in about 3 hours from what I've heard at a solid pace. If any are interested please reply back here with a tag Esh and I will...
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    Dungeon/Level Grinding this weekend

    Hey all. Myself and two buddies are going to be Dungeon Grinding this weekend(Most likely Sunday and Monday for labor day weekend). We are all currently mid nineties(93/94). If anyone is interested in joining us you are more than welcome. One of them is a tank and the other is a healer, but...
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    Rocket League

    ROCKET LEAGUE - Official Site Honestly just go look at the gameplay. This game is ridiculously fun, has cross compatibility with PS4 and is just a complete blast to play with, especially with friends. Anyone who is curious please feel free to ask questions. Anyone who has the game let me...
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    Just started playing

    Hey all, me and a group of friends just started playing(some new, some have played before) on the "Crystal Desert" server. There are probably 6-7 of us in total currently and we would love to have anyone that's interested(new to GW2 like myself or vets looking to come back) come join us...
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    Dungeon Defenders 2

    Hey all, myself and a bunch of friends have picked up Dungeon Defenders 2(currently in pre-alpha) and have been having a great time with it. The game is remarkably polished for a alpha game and runs quite well overall. There are definitely a ton of things they need to add but so far it looks...
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    I know some of you may hate me for this, and for that I am sorry. That being said I am going to create a new smurf account so I can continue to play with some of my Silver and GN friends. My current smurf account is now up to DMG and is no longer suitable for the task. I was curious, is...
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    Team 1 - Get Together

    Now that teams are out I would like us to at least get each other added and hopefully find some time to play together. If not all 5 at a time, hopefully at least 2-3 so we can get acclimated to eachother's play-styles and whatnot. Team 1 Jaybee Esh zombhe Kodexx Gnomemeat Add me @ Steam...
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    Anyone looking to sell a knife?

    Is anyone looking to unload a spare knife and not want to go through steam's cut and be forced to use steam dollars? Willing to do paypal instead for cash with no cut that you can spend on anything. Let me know. Thank you very much! ~Esh
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    Fever - Private CSGO Server?

    Does Fever have a dedicated, private CSGO server by chance?
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    Resolved: Need help- out of options

    Hey all, I'm having major computer issues and I am absolutely stymied as to what it could be. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. About a week or so ago my computer started having bad "lag" or "chop". It takes forever to load some things, is extremely choppy in games and just...
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    Is this game worth it?

    Me and a few friends are considering picking up and playing this when it opens to all on the second of next month. My main question being is it worth it? How does it compare to LoL and other Mobas? Any and all input would be nice to allow us to make a better informed decision. I know it's...
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    0yme0 - you've probably already seen this but just in case.
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    League of Legends Game Night, Friday 7pm EST

    Hey all! Another League of Legends game night tomorrow night hosted by Hunter88, trlololo and myself. Quick Details: When: 7pm EST, 6pm CT, 4pm PST Where: League of Legends NA, meet in the game night channel What: Depending on how many we get to show up, I'm thinking maybe some...
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    League of Legends Tournament 3/29/15

    Hey all, we are back to announce your next monthly league of legends tournament! The basics are staying the same but we have added a few changes to try to make a more enjoyable and competitive tournament! We will be moving the start time up a bit so we don't have to worry about going so...
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    Game Night THIS FRIDAY 2/27/15

    trlololo, Hunter88 and myself are hosting a League of Legends game night this Friday! This event will be similar to our tournaments in that it will be open to Fever members AND their non fever friends. Keep in mind though, when you invite and bring a friend(s) along YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for...
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    Tournament results for 2/8/14 LoL Tourney

    Hey all, sorry I'm a bit behind with this. Hunter88 and myself would like to thank you all again for coming out and supporting our community, we truly enjoy hosting these tournaments and hope all of you enjoy playing in them. Without further ado here are your winners: Captain...
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    Why playing OSU! helps your League of Legends gameplay!

    Found this article, it's a bit old but I thought it was interesting. Cloth5 | 10 reasons you should be playing Osu! by acerunner Maybe 0yme0 is on to something! Also sorry if it had been posted before, I didn't see it with a cursory glance over.
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    Nemesis Draft Details, Q&A and Live release date!

    Meet your nemesis (draft) | League of Legends Coming very soon and it apparently has built in protection against all of the dodgers/quitters which is awesome. I especially like the 125 RP you can spend to not only get a boost in IP, but also unlock ALL skins for whatever champion you are...
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    What would be your ultimate team comp?

    I always enjoy threads like these, you get a ton of different ideas and playstyles and get a little insight into how someone typically plays. So, if you could build the ultimate team comp for your League of Legends match how would it look? If possible give some insight into why you think...
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    Weekly Fever Inhouse League of Legends Gaming

    Hey all, Hunter88, trlololo, Hi I am Akana, and myself are looking to put together a weekly League of Legends gaming night. This would work somewhat like the tournament with a few major differences. *Signups are not required, but always appreciated. We do like to have some idea of who all...
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    Fever Clan LoL Tournament Teams and more!

    Hi all, sorry for the late post but just getting time to do this. Teams have been posted on the original Roster post, but I will update here as well. Just a heads up as well, if you would like to play but did not sign up please either let myself or hunter know, or just show up! We will do our...