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  1. Deltascourge

    Diablo 3 cheap

    G2A customer service is known for being worse than steam. The only real way to get your money back is by issuing a refund through paypal. I would not recommend using it for games that are over 30 bucks
  2. Deltascourge

    Diablo 3 cheap

    Even with the protection, its not very safe
  3. Deltascourge

    Looking for Diablo 3 players that are willing to host trivias

    I'm looking for knowledged Diablo 3 players that are willing to be a part of the Content Creation team and host trivias. Content creation is very simple, we ask our members to post atleast 3 times a week in their respective sections, and the trivias count towards that number aswell. If...
  4. Deltascourge

    Fever Coin Promise Not Kept - Joke

    Its hard to read sarcasm when you only have text, and leadership may have taken this as a breach of rule number 2. If something like this does indeed happen in the future. Please notify other leaders about it, and if you're really not confident in it. Founders are always above them. Joking...
  5. Deltascourge

    How is this fair? ><

    Probably has to do with visually rounding your time down (so you don't get a 200 character string), but the server has the exact time, and you were most likely late by like a split second
  6. Deltascourge

    So using a N bomb is ok?

    Please do not cause any unnecessery drama on the forums, if you have a problem with another member, or even an officer, we ask you to notify a higher ranked officer about that. You can PM me the details aswell, and I'll try to take care of it, but remember to keep drama threads off the forums
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    Awards / PoW

    Didn't mean you, I meant BamBam saying that people should vote for you
  8. Deltascourge

    Awards / PoW

    Just as a heads up. You're not allowed to advertise for votes. Just saying
  9. Deltascourge

    No I haven't disappeared

    Oh nice, might do that myself. What server is everyone on?
  10. Deltascourge

    No I haven't disappeared

    What class do you main there?
  11. Deltascourge

    Back from Vac

    Title made me think you came back from a VAC-ban
  12. Deltascourge

    ppl closing a rift before ppl can pick up loot

    whitestar please read rule number 2 before posting stuff like this