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  1. Deltascourge

    WTB Humble Indie Bundle 18

    Specifically looking for the tier 2 set Will pay 4k coins
  2. Deltascourge

    WTB Viscera Cleanup Detail

    Shit dudes I'm offering like 6k fevercoins for this shit
  3. Deltascourge

    WTB Sims 4 Origin key

    Offering 9000 coins for it
  4. Deltascourge

    WTB Payday 2 DLC

    Specifically looking for character DLC's and Heist DLC's. Only weapon DLC I'm interested in is the Assault pack, so I'll accept that too. And I have no interest in the music DLC's. Feel free to tell me how much you want for 1
  5. Deltascourge

    WTB Overwatch for all of my coins

    I'm looking for someone who will buy me a copy of overwatch to give to a friend whose birthday is coming up soon. I'm offering all of my coins (minus the 30% transaction fee ofcourse, making the total you'll be getting around 10k)
  6. Deltascourge


    Now that I finally got a good graphics card that can actually run games, I'm looking for some games to play, sadly I just spent all of my money on said graphics card. So now I'm looking to buy it with fevercoins. I'm specifically looking for Black Desert Online right now, but I may edit this...
  7. Deltascourge

    WTB Humble Jumbo Bundle 6

    Specifically looking for at least the "average price" bundle. However, if you're willing to trade Fevercoins for the 12 dollar one, I'd be willing to buy that aswell. Feel free to say how much Fevercoins you'd want for it
  8. Deltascourge

    WTS FFXIV + Heavensward PC

    Got a FFXIV and Heavensward PC CD key (FFXIV is not region locked or system locked. But the expansion is) and kinda want to trade it. I'll take offers if they sounds good
  9. Deltascourge


    Ok, so this might seem like a bit of a weird request. But I'd like someone to buy me a tshirt in exchange for fevercoins. Specifically this one: Which is only available today on Willing to pay quite a sum for it...
  10. Deltascourge

    WTB Humble Bundle Total War Encore 15 dollar pack

    Will offer 4k fevercoins for it
  11. Deltascourge

    WTB Project Zomboid aswell

    However, I'll offer 4k. No offence voncheeter, Your offer is still great
  12. Deltascourge

    WTS Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Beta Key

    Recently aquired a second beta key (won one before from Co2Noss) and figured someone here might want it. I'd like around 3k fever coins for it. However, if you'd like to trade for a game on my steam wishlist, that would be acceptable too Wishlist
  13. Deltascourge

    WTB Games

    Buying games off of my wishlist: Steam Community :: [FEVER] Deltascourge :: Games Make me an offer on how much coins you want for a specific game and we can work something out
  14. Deltascourge

    WTB HumbleBundle E3 Payday 2 masks

    Anybody that bought the bundle, but doesn't have the game wanna sell those masks to me? Don't have paypal so I can't buy them myself. I'll pay 500 coins for the 1 dollar one, and 1000 for the other set
  15. Deltascourge

    WTB Payday 2 DLC

    Buying Payday 2 DLC, will pay you 200 credits for every dollar the DLC cost (you'll be making your money back twice) Currently looking for: Payday 2 official soundtrack (want that creepy mask) OVERKILL pack Historical Pack Assault Pack Sniper Pack *bought* Western Pack Clover Character pack...
  16. Deltascourge

    Skyforge Beta Account

    Can't play the game with my current GFX card, and you might get some cool stuff once it goes Open Beta. Idk how much this is worth so lets just start with 100 coins