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  1. Sithis

    Markz's Spring 2018 Power Rankings

    For those of you like me who didn't follow all the off-season team changes here you are.
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    Music: How good are your ears?

    This is a test to see how you are able to detect the highest quality audio file. I got 3/6. Tip use headphones and turn your volume up. How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality? : The Record : NPR Post your results below :)
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    Getting any books this Christmas?

    For those of you know have told your relative(s) what book(s) you'd like to receive for Christmas what did you tell them? I'm getting the Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi (an Eastern classic) and Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein. Two books i'd consider must reads for one...
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    Tech Video Dump

    I'll be putting tech related videos here.
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    Fallout Lore Video Dump
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    Any pen enthusiasts out there?

    I'm just now getting into the pen world, more specifically the fountain pen world. I was surprised to see it's sort of it's own micro-culture of pen enthusiasts. For my first pen i'm planning on buying a pre-owned Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 for a really good deal. I was wondering if there were...
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    eSports: New NA LCS Partners - Familiar names
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    News: Lineage 2: Revolution

    You've probably seen a dozen ads from streamers and other big names in gaming. I'm always skeptical of anything with massive advertising budgets but was in the market for an mmo to kill time and so far, 3 days in i'm satisfied. Leveling can get a bit annoying at times (they only allow for a...
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    Playing through Oblivion again

    I'll be passively playing through TES 4 again. From memory it's my favorite ES game based on story alone. Looking forward to all the things Skyrim fixed though, they'll stand out hard.
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    Patch: Pre-season Discussion

    This is intended to foster discussion on patch 7.22 aka the first preseason patch and any subsequent pre-season patches. This year we get the runes system totally revamped bringing massive build/meta change across the game. Right now i'm still spamming nami as i'm a dirty one trick now and i'm...
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    News: Best Upcoming MMORPGs 2018 and Beyond - Is There ANYTHING Worth Playing? - Credit to uploader
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    Updates: Looking for a motivated EUW Member to become the LOL EU Coordinator

    As the title proclaims the LOL section is looking to make a push into Europe by season 8. We're in search of someone who can help manage and run the EUW club and section for Fever. Here are the FAQ's. Who: Any Europe based Fever member in good standing. When: ASAP, preferably before the...
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    eSports: Worlds 2017 Discussion

    Hey everyone feel free to discuss the games and predictions for this years worlds here. I'll start it off with thinking NA has a 100% chance of getting out of groups (barring some extremely unlucky circumstances). Here's some details about worlds this year. LoL Esports
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    Resolved: Requesting build assistance <3

    1. What's your price range? 2-2.5k USD (preferably closer to 2k) 2. Do you need additional equipment (mouse, keyboard, monitor, sound, etc.) and do you have a separate budget for that? I'll need everything but a mouse (no separate budget) 3. Do you want to build it completely on your own...
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    First looks into season 8 pre-season
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    Guides: Coaching - Making a comeback

    Hey league people, coaching will be making a revival here quite soon. The goal of coaching is to improve the mentee's knowledge and level of play. As the only constant variable in games is yourself you should focus on developing yourself. With that being said we're looking for qualified...
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    Philosophy Videos and Musings

    I'll use this to log the philosophical videos I watch as well as perhaps misc random thoughts that cross my consciousness.
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    Notice: Official Looking for Duo Finder

    Looking for a duo partner but not finding any hidden gems in solo queue? Post below your: Rank - In-Game Name - Preferred Roles - Times your typically play (include timezone) - This is in an effort to help everyone do the final few month sprint to the next division so please use...
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    Coaching Logs

    Please log coaching sessions completed here. Coach name: Student(s) name(s): Session duration: Session outcome (How did it go):
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    NA Road to Gold completed!

    Finally after right about two and a half years and nearly 800 games this season I've hit gold for the first time. This was by no means a solo effort so I'd like to thank macho0001, yovaz, and Byrdicus for the duo times.
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    Notice: Recruitment Drive

    Hello league section, i'd like to take the time and talk about a recruitment drive for the section. For the month of August for ever referral you get i'll match the Fever Coins you receive (500 per referral) so you'll get 1,000 coins per referral! Also for the person who gets the most...
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    Final Fantasy XV A New Empire

    Downloaded the game a couple days ago, dropped $5 in it and it's been fun. Played Clash of Clans in the past and it's somewhat of a suitable replacement. They do advertise their little micro-transactions and "special offers" too much but it's got some unique aspects. Worth checking out if you...
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    eSports: Delta Fox Fan Thread
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    Notice: Tournament July 1st! - LOL Mid-Summer Massacre - RP Prizes!

    Good day everyone, the League Staff is graciously hosting a tournament to occur in two weeks time, July 1st at 8:00 PM EST. RP Prizes will be offered to the winners and the amount will be determined by how many people attend so bring a friend (or 10)! Due to this being our first tournament it...
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    TES: Legends: Anyone else playing it?

    Anyone played this game yet? Just downloaded and played through the trial, seems fun and something I might get into more. My IGN is ItsSithis if you want to add me :)