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  1. ArtemisofHT

    NA Just reinstalled, looking for people to play with

    I am ArtemisofHT, I run the Saturday Game Nights. Add my IGN: ArtemisofHT
  2. ArtemisofHT

    Trolliest build you ever did. GOO!! Darius build
  3. ArtemisofHT

    Trolliest build you ever did. GOO!! Im the kalista my friend got the penta. Look at my build, I was support.
  4. ArtemisofHT

    Who remembers no dragon types? Braum Stealing Dragon Show me your best steals!! go to 1:41
  5. ArtemisofHT

    NA My first baron still

    Still or Steal?
  6. ArtemisofHT

    Notice: Oct 15 Tournament League of Legends

    6pm 15 Oct. tournament set date. Only teams that are premade will be participating, There is still time to join and get into a team. You have to be able to make the practices for your team, and the tournament date. If your interested and would like to be on a team contact JNG Fifty in game. Fifty
  7. ArtemisofHT

    NA Teams for Tournament so far

    These are the teams so far competing in the Fever Tournament which will be decided when and what time on Oct 2. More information will be added by editing this post right here. Shark Syndicate is most likely staying as that roster, Cosa Nostra Penguins roster is in the process of changing. Third...
  8. ArtemisofHT

    League Tournament Meeting to Reschedule Tournament 7PM Monday

    I will let you know once we decide on Monday.
  9. ArtemisofHT

    League Tournament Meeting to Reschedule Tournament 7PM Monday

    This is to announce that everyone from the two teams for the Fever Tournament be present at 7PM EST so we can decided on a time and date for the tournament that appeases everyone.
  10. ArtemisofHT

    Saturday Game Night 9/30 whats in store

    Hey Winterrose and thanks you are the catalyst for me getting some things done!!!
  11. ArtemisofHT

    Saturday Game Night 9/30 whats in store

    This Game Night on top of our random game modes I will give everyone who comes an overview of the new rune setup, Preseason just hit the PBE and I have started messing around and looking for Similarities and Differences within the new system. Come on out and see what will be the new league will...
  12. ArtemisofHT

    Tournament Pushed to Sep 30 2017

    EST, it might be moved again if we have people with irl stuff again XD. I might pull both teams together to decide on a better date.
  13. ArtemisofHT

    Welcome to Worlds 1v1 Tournament

    IGN: ArtemisofHT Sign Me up. How much is the prize XD
  14. ArtemisofHT

    NA leveling account

    Get some exp boosts mate you can be 30 in like six games. Ill join you whenever Im free, I have lots of accounts im looking to level anyways.
  15. ArtemisofHT

    Tournament Pushed to Sep 30 2017

    Due to the fact that people will be watching worlds, I have decided to move the tournament to the 30th of September. Please let me know if you will be available for this weekend Fever Team 1 and Team 2. Also be sure to be practicing with your teams. Team 1 has practice on Mondays and Tuesdays...
  16. ArtemisofHT

    League Tournament Pushed to 9/23

    Many of the players in the tournament could not be in the tournament today so we will reschedule it for September 23, 2017. Same time of 1200 Noon Est. Best of 3s
  17. ArtemisofHT

    Incoming League Tournament

    Practices are starting for Fever Clan Team 1 Monday, Tuesday 8pm-11pm EST. Every other week scrims with Team 2 Team 2 will make their own practice schedule. More info later on that, when I get told.
  18. ArtemisofHT

    NA Looking to make Ranked Team (Fun, not super serious)

    Exactly Sixxed17 to troll them I love trolling other teams. At the moment your not on a team for the Tournament on the 16th Sept. We can make more teams if you want XD.
  19. ArtemisofHT

    Incoming League Tournament

    The two teams have been made. Team Fifty is leading ( name has not been decided) Top: ArtemisofHT Jung: JNG Fifty Mid: Reborn ADC: Macho0001 Sup: Ratchet Team 2 ( Name has not been decided) Top: IceBearr Jung: Mage Toosaka Rin Mid: Xploit/ In4nlty ADC: Byrdicus Sup: SexyTide Roles can be...
  20. ArtemisofHT

    Splatoon 2

    Anyone else play this game on the Switch?
  21. ArtemisofHT

    Incoming League Tournament

    I am putting effort, I need more people for another team. The team we have you apart of is not complete due to lack of responses Byrdicus
  22. ArtemisofHT

    NA Who'll be playing Destiny 2? Which Platform?

    I preordered it for PS4 and PC. I will probably focus more on the PC version, of course along with my league of legends playing. XD
  23. ArtemisofHT

    NA Looking to make Ranked Team (Fun, not super serious)

    Ranked Team or Ranked Game are more serious games then Normal Que. Ranked Solo/Duo and Ranked Flex are what these are classified as. Ranked is when you play in ranked and then get a rank after 10 games to see where you are placed.
  24. ArtemisofHT

    Team Syndicate Official Post

    ella090 this team has disbanded. There are more teams in the making for the Fever Tournament Sept 16 2017. Talk to ArtemisofHT for more information