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  1. ArtemisofHT

    Trolliest build you ever did. GOO!! Im the kalista my friend got the penta. Look at my build, I was support.
  2. ArtemisofHT

    Who remembers no dragon types? Braum Stealing Dragon Show me your best steals!! go to 1:41
  3. ArtemisofHT

    Notice: Oct 15 Tournament League of Legends

    6pm 15 Oct. tournament set date. Only teams that are premade will be participating, There is still time to join and get into a team. You have to be able to make the practices for your team, and the tournament date. If your interested and would like to be on a team contact JNG Fifty in game. Fifty
  4. ArtemisofHT

    NA Teams for Tournament so far

    These are the teams so far competing in the Fever Tournament which will be decided when and what time on Oct 2. More information will be added by editing this post right here. Shark Syndicate is most likely staying as that roster, Cosa Nostra Penguins roster is in the process of changing. Third...
  5. ArtemisofHT

    League Tournament Meeting to Reschedule Tournament 7PM Monday

    This is to announce that everyone from the two teams for the Fever Tournament be present at 7PM EST so we can decided on a time and date for the tournament that appeases everyone.
  6. ArtemisofHT

    Saturday Game Night 9/30 whats in store

    This Game Night on top of our random game modes I will give everyone who comes an overview of the new rune setup, Preseason just hit the PBE and I have started messing around and looking for Similarities and Differences within the new system. Come on out and see what will be the new league will...
  7. ArtemisofHT

    Tournament Pushed to Sep 30 2017

    Due to the fact that people will be watching worlds, I have decided to move the tournament to the 30th of September. Please let me know if you will be available for this weekend Fever Team 1 and Team 2. Also be sure to be practicing with your teams. Team 1 has practice on Mondays and Tuesdays...
  8. ArtemisofHT

    League Tournament Pushed to 9/23

    Many of the players in the tournament could not be in the tournament today so we will reschedule it for September 23, 2017. Same time of 1200 Noon Est. Best of 3s
  9. ArtemisofHT

    Splatoon 2

    Anyone else play this game on the Switch?
  10. ArtemisofHT

    NA Register Fever Clan Tournament Teams

    This post is for Team Leaders only of your Ranked 5's team for the Fever Tournament. This is the registration for the Tournament. Battlefy | Find and Organize Esports Tournaments 
  11. ArtemisofHT

    Incoming League Tournament

    Hello everyone, the date of the tournament has been decided for 09/16/2017. I hope team making is going well. If you would like to be placed in a team please put in the comments your IGN and what your top two roles are (do not put champions because that information could potentially be used...
  12. ArtemisofHT

    Just got into Paragon any people play still?

    Hello everyone, IGN: ArtemisofHT. Just got the game 8/21/2017 and having a BLAST. Just wondered who wants to play and maybe teach me a little more then what I have already figured out, aka what jungle pathing, deck building info, etc. Looking for some people because no one is very talkative in...
  13. ArtemisofHT

    Fever Tournament Incoming

    I would like to propose a Friday, Saturday or Sunday for a Fever League of Legends Tournament. Which day and time frame would be best for you? I am looking at a date in September to give people time to prepare. I would like if people make teams earlier and train so we dont have what happened...
  14. ArtemisofHT

    Extra Life within Fever?

    Would anyone like to help kids and Childrens Hospitals? I am looking to make a community inside of Fever to heal kids by gaming. Anyone intersted? I just joined a Guild in Dayton, OH and would like to encourage you to seek out your Extra Life guild in your community. Every major city has an...
  15. ArtemisofHT

    How to get on the Streams List.

    Hello ArtemisofHT here, I had one question mostly because I couldn't find the right section to post this. How do I get added to the Streamer List?
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    NA Looking to make Ranked Team (Fun, not super serious)

    Hey everyone, Im looking to make a ranked team or just people to play with tbh. Im looking for Bronze to Gold people unless the elo of the team gets higher or people get into higher elos. I main ADC/Sup/Top in that order. Name is not determined, that will be a group effort. IGN: Current Rank...
  17. ArtemisofHT

    NA Ark Server Valhalla 2X gather, 2X exp, 3.5X taming<span class="eti-ket_tik"></span>

    Conquer and Adapt is an ark server that i purchased through Craft and Survive. I use it when I get an itch for ark. Im opening it to everyone since I have 40 slots. If it gets popular i can upgrade it to 100 slots. There is no cost for anyone to use. Only thing I ask is for no griefers...
  18. ArtemisofHT

    Approved: ArtemisofHT's Application

    Games you play: League of Legends Main Game: League of Legends Age: 23 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: ArtemisofHT tag: MMO Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and...