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  1. MLGToma

    Path of trade

    Hello,I just got to mapping with my magic find character and well my stash is bit full,so why not just sell the uniques and such that I don't need for a low price to people here that have space, so I get currency,you make profit,get cheap stuff why not.Generally ill want 40-50% of the value of...
  2. MLGToma

    Let's play some quick match(EU)

    So I just joined fever and I'm wondering if theres anyone that wants to play quickmatch with me(EU server,between 2pm-9pm east europe time), I'm level 7 now but I played on an other account up to level 40,my favorite hero is Abathur.You can add me friend:"MLGToma#2868";)
  3. MLGToma

    Resolved: Late interview

    Is it OK if I do the interview for joining a week after I did the aplication?(I need to get a microphone)
  4. MLGToma

    Approved: MLGToma's Application

    Games you play: HotS;PoE;Skyforge Main Game: Skyforge Age: 19 Gender: Male Country: Romania FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: MLGToma tag: MLGToma#2868 MMO Username: Toma Products Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and...