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  1. KillerQueen

    Pending: Double Posting in forums.

    Is this a bug on the site's end? Every time I go to post in the forums more often than not it posts twice, and I've seen the issue happen with other users. Any known fix, or is it just something we gotta deal with?
  2. KillerQueen

    I started acting.

    So I'm part of a small amateur film group and we finally got our first little project together. I present to you the pilot episode of our mini-series Because It's Science. Content length and over quality of acting should get better as we keep...
  3. KillerQueen

    WTB Shadow of Mordor - Steam.

    Currently on sale for 9 bucks, offering 2k coins for it. Should be around regular price if my conversion is right.
  4. KillerQueen

    A THIRD Gwent giveaway!?

    GWENT(R): The Witcher Card Game Get your keys while they last, folks!
  5. KillerQueen

    Guides: Gwent-Factions and Units: Who Does What?

    Hey folks, big dumb idiot back at it again! This time we're going to look at the Factions and Unit types of Gwent. You may recall in the introductory guide I mentioned there were melee, ranged and siege units. These are also divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold qualities. Bronze Units cap out a...
  6. KillerQueen

    A Big Dumb Idiot's Guide to Beginner Gwent.

    Hey, folks! Big dumb idiot here starting what may or may not be a series of guides. Depends on how much it makes my brain hurt. So let's get into this mess. Strap in, folks. So you've gotten into the Gwent closed beta. Congratulations! You're in for a sort-of treat. Right off the bat you'll...
  7. KillerQueen

    Another Gwent Giveaway.

    Curse is giving away 10k Gwent beta keys. If you've been interested now's a great time to get in! GWENT(R): The Witcher Card Game
  8. KillerQueen

    Any Gwent players?

    Wasn't sure if we had anyone else besides me playing this wonderful gem of a card game. If so you can find me under TowerOfGrey, currently doing a free-to-play deck, Skellige Queensguard Revival.
  9. KillerQueen

    I got Incon to play Ares ADC.

    After a month of suggesting that crazy shit, he's finally done it and in true Incon style, dude went huge. Twitch The power of persistence is real.
  10. KillerQueen

    Fancy a game of Gwent?

    CD Projekt Red has been working on a full version of the popular card game in The Witcher universe. If you're interested in a key, YouTuber RSMerchant is giving out a ton of free beta keys here: GWENT(R): The Witcher Card Game You'll get a free card keg just for signing up for the Gwent...
  11. KillerQueen

    For Honor!

    I don't know where anything goes. Technology is an enigma. So I got into the three-day For Honor closed beta. I have three invites. Three people can enjoy it as well! Recipients chosen at random, or if you give me a good reason. The beta begins tomorrow and ends on the 29th.
  12. KillerQueen

    Any love for The Forest or Earth Defense Force?

    Hey folks, resident big dumb idiot here. I'll keep it short because long posts hurt the area where my brain lives. We got much of a player base for The Forest or Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon? Trying to get a feel for who plays what. Also have 7 Days to Die if we've got people for that.
  13. KillerQueen

    Co-op Commanders worth it?

    Howdy, friends! I am casual garbage and as such I tend to stick to the co-op mode. I was curious as to the general consensus on purchasing the newer commanders since I have no idea how good they're considered, their pros and cons et cetera.
  14. KillerQueen

    Smite Tactics Key!

    Hello, friends. About five minutes ago I got into the Smite Tactics closed alpha and was provided with a bonus key. Not sure how many of you had been aware that Tactics was a thing or cared, but for those who do, the bonus key is up for grabs to whoever wants it. Recipient will be chosen at random.
  15. KillerQueen

    Anyone playing The Forest?

    Recently picked it up, fun enough solo but everything's better with pals!
  16. KillerQueen

    The Great Dragon Deck Challenge!

    It's your Garbage Lord back at it, yet again. No deck lists this time, but a deck-related idea I'd like to pose to all you fine, fine people. A fair few of us remember when dragon decks were rampant on ladder. Be it Dragon Priest, the ever-popular Dragon Warrior and even a bit of Dragon...
  17. KillerQueen

    Budget Dragon Paladin

    You guys like lists, right? Sure you do! Bringing you a budget list this time around. Budget as in nothing higher than Rare-quality cards. So there's plenty of room for tweaking and improvement. 2x Blessing of Might 2x Equality 2x Netherspite Historian 2x Wild Pyromancer 2x Aldor...
  18. KillerQueen

    Tomb Raider Priest.

    Got another deck list for all you pretty, pretty people. Damn y'all looking good today. 2x Circle of Healing 2x Northshire Cleric 2x PW: Shield 2x Resurrect 2x SW: Pain 2x Injured Blademaster 2x SW: Death 2x Thoughtsteal 2x Auchenai Soulpriest 2x Priest of the Feast 2x Shifting...
  19. KillerQueen

    Smash + Grab - Steam

    Assuming I'm able to use Fever Coins for this purchase I should have enough to cover the cost. It's currently on sale now. If anyone's feeling particularly kind it'd be appreciated.
  20. KillerQueen

    This week's Tavern Brawl

    Hello, friends! Your benevolent Garbage Lord back at it again with that sweet sweet content. This brawl's been an interesting spin on things, a brawl in which you pick ONE card to fill the majority of your deck, with a few randos thrown in. I bring to you now a few of the classes I've run in...
  21. KillerQueen

    The Great C'thun Fiesta

    It's everyone's dubiously-tolerable HS player back at it again with a really dumb deck that sometimes gets wins! My love of Renounce Darkness is well-documented, and I spent some time trying to figure out how to make it "more consistent". If the idea of a consistent Renounce Warlock deck...
  22. KillerQueen

    I have returned.

    Now that it's not god-awful levels of hot and humid here in my neck of the woods, I'm back to playing Overwatch. I don't COMPLETELY suck so if you ever need a filler for casual or competitive, let me know. Average quality guaranteed. Adrammalech#11575, it took me about ten minutes to realize...
  23. KillerQueen

    Yogg Priest.

    I had another dumb idea. Yogg Priest! No idea how I'll build it but it'll be sure to suck. Feedback welcome.
  24. KillerQueen

    Only in New Castle.

    So this happened earlier. Welcome to my town.
  25. KillerQueen

    Science Successful!

    Upon testing my aggro burglar list HERE: I have found it to be, drumroll please...Good! Mind you it's early in the season so all testing is being done in the lower ranks but it has yet to lose thus far, having taken out a...