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  1. CaliberJacob

    Have a good one, guys.

    Thank you, good sir. That means a lot :D
  2. CaliberJacob

    Have a good one, guys.

    Hey, all, I'm just jumping in here to let you all know that I'm not going to be around in Fever much more. Personal life, what with attempting to balance school, work, and a long-ass commute for the majority of my week just prevents me from trying to interact with the community at all...
  3. CaliberJacob

    Knights of the Eternal Throne

    I'm back after a long absence! Life has been absolutely CRAZY recently, but I'm back! (Geez, don't everybody cheer all at once.) Star Wars Celebration: Europe was this weekend, and the video games announcements ranged from Star Wars: Battlefront to SWTOR on an hour-long panel hosted by none...
  4. CaliberJacob

    Get the Fever Dirty Bomb channel back up!

    You're totally right. It's better to see forum activity than TS activity as a means for gauging community activity.
  5. CaliberJacob

    Get the Fever Dirty Bomb channel back up!

    Brain works fine, thanks. And no disrespect, condescension, or rudeness was intended by what I said. (Not 100% sure where you saw hostility when all I'm doing is making points and reciting truth, but your perception is your perception, thus it cannot be wrong.) But my points still stand.
  6. CaliberJacob

    Get the Fever Dirty Bomb channel back up!

    So you make other communities with small player bases do the same thing? When was the last time the Rust channel was used? Or the Path of Exile rooms? What I'm saying is the deleting the channel right as the community was beginning to blossom with new and interested faces does more to hamper...
  7. CaliberJacob

    Get the Fever Dirty Bomb channel back up!

    So...I don't remember how long ago it was, but one day I open up TS and see that the Dirty Bomb channels have been removed from the room. At first, it made sense...Fever's Dirty Bomb community isn't exactly the largest or most active, so discontinuing a channel in TS that isn't utilized all...
  8. CaliberJacob

    Long time no see!

    I think a lot of us have been playing but just haven't been getting together to play recently :P Good to see we're still alive! (I think.)
  9. CaliberJacob

    Aimee is confirmed for the next update (DETAILS)

    So, if you haven't been following along with Dirty Bomb-related Twitter activity recently, here's what's going down. A user named "Max Bashki" with the Twitter handle MaxBashki made an account about a week ago or so and followed the Dirty Bomb Twitter account, with some of his tweets getting...
  10. CaliberJacob

    Thoughts on new patch...

    Really, the only reason why MM/Ranked is any better right now is because people are queuing for matches and playing because they want to see their ranking. Most people, from what I've seen, after they have a ranking are either fine with it and stop playing Ranked or try to get into more games to...
  11. CaliberJacob

    Aimee is the next merc

    Aimee is going to be the next merc, as she has been added to the game's source files. If you access an offline server and enter the right code, she will appear with her primary, secondary, melee and third eye camera abilities for testing. It's clearly not a finished build, but it's better than...
  12. CaliberJacob

    New Free Rotation

    Prepare for a lot of grenade spamming, turret warfare and overused molotovs for the next two weeks. The next free rotation, coming with the update tomorrow, will be Nader, Bushwhacker, and Stoker.
  13. CaliberJacob

    Swag load outs through Humble Bundle

    One week left to get this shweet shwag! SHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONEY
  14. CaliberJacob

    Need Help With Game Documenting

    Allright, I figure I might as well ask here if anywhere. One of the reasons as to why I haven't been posting much here is because I've been busy attempting to keep the SWTOR Wiki updated with new information. This is essentially an offshoot of the Star Wars Wiki, better known as Wookiepedia...
  15. CaliberJacob

    Dirty Bomb Weekly Game Night

    REMINDER: Fever's Dirty Bomb game night starts in about two hours in TS! See you there! Tankbankz Kraken Turnus
  16. CaliberJacob

    Swag load outs through Humble Bundle

    I assume there's a way to gift these to people? This would be a pretty nice giveaway pack. I've never purchased a Humble Bundle before, so I wouldn't know.
  17. CaliberJacob

    Swag load outs through Humble Bundle

    Hot damn. Those are nice.
  18. CaliberJacob

    Trivia Contest

    The Black Talon, as I recall. Grand Moff Kilran commandeers the ship to attack the Brentaal Star.
  19. CaliberJacob

    Thursday: Developer Livestream Notes

    You guys can check out the notes from the Developer Livestream from Thursday the 11th here.
  20. CaliberJacob

    *GIVEAWAY* No Dev stream today so they are doing giveaways at the forums

    If someone from Fever won this giveaway, I will be forever jealous.
  21. CaliberJacob

    Patch 4.1 Patch Time Extended

    My account was temporarily disabled by BioWare because "we have detected suspicious activity on your account during on-going standard systems analysis" the day after the patch finally went through. Still waiting for them to unlock it.
  22. CaliberJacob

    *GIVEAWAY* No Dev stream today so they are doing giveaways at the forums

    POSTED. That moment when you realize that you might have a better chance of winning this raffle than actually tuning into the streams...
  23. CaliberJacob

    Patch 4.1 Patch Time Extended

    UPDATE: The devs isolated the issue, which was caused by an unfinished Alliance Alert mission being made availible too soon. It was removed and a fix was added to all servers. The patch is now live and all servers are operational, according to BioWare. If there are any bugs, please post them...
  24. CaliberJacob

    Patch 4.1 Patch Time Extended

    UPDATE: The Servers were put back online, but as explained on Twitter, the devs "discovered a potential issue. We are putting the servers back into maintenance mode for the time being."
  25. CaliberJacob

    Patch 4.1 Patch Time Extended

    UPDATE: Eric Musco took to the forums and provided this explanation. "As of right now the team is still working with our external partners to get to the bottom of the issue and get it addressed as soon as we can. No ETA at this time. More updates to follow!" Later on, he game more...