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  1. Eraycer

    Stepping away from Fever

    No issues with anything you guys do, but members of my Tanks Clan have purchased the game so with that I have decided to start up a group myself. Thank you all for letting me in and granted I did get to play with only one member it was still fun to listen in. I have ran a community myself for...
  2. Eraycer

    Video content I have found helpful or interesting.

    LtBuzzLightbeer has some great stuff.
  3. Eraycer

    Clanning up at end game I guess?

    I'm 15 now Rafiee, and Thursday night I was surprised there was nobody in Discord. And Medic your correct and I fell the same way, I'm guessing that if we can grow members this will not be an issue.
  4. Eraycer

    Clanning up at end game I guess?

    So its been a struggle trying to group up with Fellow Fever Clan mates and granted my play style most likely doesn't fit in with the Hurry to end game content so I'm hopeful that when I get to end game I will have Clan mates to play with. Currently I have been playing solo and last night I only...
  5. Eraycer

    Should I Buy This Game?

    I basically walk every inch of the area before I move on to the next. I just wish the game would reward those that look deep into the map and have like a sweet loot cash that would pop up when you got to a stop that was untraveled.
  6. Eraycer

    Should I Buy This Game?

    I used to watch still up but Nothing But Skills has helped me understand somethings better, watching a few of his build explanations has help me become more deadly. My thing is I like to play my first Char slow and explore every inch of the map, everyone else is in a big hurry to by pass all...
  7. Eraycer

    Should I Buy This Game?

    Well Ive worked my way to tier 10 and have changed my game style and the game is coming around on me.
  8. Eraycer

    Don't be in a hurry.

    So when I bought D1 I had three friends that were in a huge hurry to rush to level 30, while they were doing that I just played through the complete game and they left me behind. When they reached 30 they played for about a month or two then because they got board and quit completely. After I...
  9. Eraycer

    Looking for Single Player PC Game Suggestions

    You can't go wrong with Boarderlands start with one and move to 2 its a blast also its cheap and steam may even have the full series on sale with all the side games. And who knows by the time you get those done they may bring out 3.
  10. Eraycer

    Should I Buy This Game?

    Personally, so far I like the first one better, I know right now I'm only up to level 9 but being that you don't clear the area map and move on you have to keep going back for things. I honestly don't feel the graphics are better, granted I cannot SLI my system but I have never really enjoyed...
  11. Eraycer

    Should I Buy This Game?

    By not playing the first one you won't know who certain people are of know voices when you hear them, Play and use gear as you go, once you max level then start using the table to build new gear, make sure to check everything in the Whitehouse as you go and destroy and sell items to build up...
  12. Eraycer

    Do any of you ride?

    Just wondering, I pick this one up last year.
  13. Eraycer

    Top Clan rating in the Game.

    So while in game yesterday I noticed that there is a top Clan rating in the Clan room, looking into it POG is the top clan which surprisingly is made up of MarcoStyle and streamer friends that have all day to play. lol
  14. Eraycer

    Approved: Eraycer's Application to Join

    User name: Eraycer Game(s) you play: The Division 1 and 2 Age: 47 Gender: Male Current In-Game Username(s): NET-Eraycer Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes Referrer: UBI Forums How did you find us?: UBI Forums Have you been in FeverClan before?: No Does anyone else use your computer?: No...