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  1. TheBossGuy


    Raphael and me did it in Duo! <333 Wooooo! :)
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    Closed: TheBossGuy's Application

    Games you play: TBG's Love Palace Main Game: Miscellaneous / Other Age: 28 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: TEST League of Legends or other Moba Username: TESTTheBossGuy tag: MMO Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a...
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    ARK...PvP or No PvP?

    It has come to my attention that we need to establish some rules here. So very basic here, if there is PvP or no PvP. PvP is pretty simple as far as killing the other people if they are an enemy up to destroying their base. I don't want any other rules to be clear outside of those two options...
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    Alas my time has ended. . .

    Hello all! It is my time now to spread my wings and take off from here! It has been an absolute pleasure to have the honor to work with you all! It has been a great ride and a privileged to see this department grow to where it is now. I couldn't be happier seeing this department grow and...
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    Shadow Program

    This will no longer be a part of the team! Me and Fox talked about it and we decided this is no longer needed. Instead, we will use this opportunity for all you to get more acquainted with your admin. This also gives your leader and opportunity to be more personal and have one on ones with those...
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    Anyone know?

    Soon as I get home today, I will be changing my battle tag to TheBossGuy, since that is the name I have taken since I have joined here. I was curious if anyone knows if you'll still be attached to your friend's list and all of that? I am pretty sure it does, but I am not 100%. I have been...
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    Reign of Kings

    Not even sure where to put this at, because this game is a survival game but set in medieval times. I have wasted a good 20+ hours on this title and had tons of fun with it. Capturing and hanging people is crazy legit. Anyone else play it? It is like Rust and Minecraft had a child. . . thus it...
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    Closed: TeamSpeak issues!

    Me, as well as several others I have noticed, constantly have issues with Teamspeak. What I mean by this is that we keep getting Disconnected randomly. Now, I am not losing any internet connection, it is the teamspeak itself. Any suggestions as to why? Thanks guys!
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    New Admin! please welcome!

    Please welcome Agbourke to the team as the new admin! He will be taking over and making sure all is well! Thank you Agbourke and welcome to the team mate! :D
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    Leaving in mid-game. . .-_-

    Now, I understand some people have RL pop up and it sucks for real. However, I have noticed playing with several members in house in a game, this happens more times than not. Honestly, I think if you know you got to leave in 45 minutes to go eat or something, then please skip on the game. I...
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    Officer Promotions! 01/02/15

    Thundernut COL -> BG Drag COL -> BG Eatmochicken COL -> BG Annihilator COL -> BG KushKitty CPT -> MJR MrCruz CPT -> MJR AngelofNoMercy 1LT -> MJR Corse 1LT -> CPT Kumih0 1LT -> CPT Agbourke 1LT -> CPT silverdaggerfan 1LT -> CPT Pyu SMA -> 2LT Leo SMA -> 2LT Mizu MGYGST -> 2LT...
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    Rank ups from 12/22 - 12/28

    GamerKnoob - for great work ethic and taking personal time out of his/her day to make sure recruits are getting taken care of. Leo MGYSGT - SMA Repulsivepickle 1SG - MGYSGT GamerKnoob LCPL - SGT TacticalMurder PFC - LCPL nightxwolf871 GYSGT - MSG @Sir Erie GYSGT - MSG Clockblock PVT -...
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    CC promotions! 12/15/14!

    Chemistry PFC - LCPL Sir Erie SSG - GYSGT Izzo SGM - SMA Mizu MSGT - 1SGT These four members have done a wonderful job in their content creator positions! Please tell these four members thank you for all their hard work and dedication to Fever! Izzo Kumih0 nigeleian...
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    Rank ups 12/14/14

    Master Gunnery Sergeant --- MGYSGT Rehstraint Master Sergeant --- MSG Mizu Gunnery Sergeant --- GYSGT ABRAMS1337 Staff Sergeant --- SSG Sir Erie Discord Esh Abom Sergeant --- SGT Vortorn Ladykayden Please go ahead and send these lovely people a...
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    Getting my new Aspire Atlantis tank in today! woot! Hoping to also get my Solara DNA 30 for Christmas! ;X I is so excite!
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    Rank Ups for 11/30/14 Content Creators!

    Abom CPL - SGT Bish1234 SSG > GYSGT Mizu SSG > GYSGT PerfectEnigma SGM - SMA OberonOne MSGT - 1SGT Jedi450 GYSGT - MSGT Please take the time to tell all these individuals thank you for their hard work in what they do! They are still breathing life into many areas of Fever! Please post...
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    Rank ups 11/30/14

    Rank Ups Completed for 11-30-14 First Sergeant --- 1SG Izzo Nate Dawggy kawaiipr1ncesss Master Sergeant --- MSG Lord Exinur Gunnery Sergeant --- GYSGT vGraffy Kaboomantor Staff Sergeant --- SSG Captain Smalls Mizu ABRAMS1337 Sergeant --- SGT Discord nigeleian...
  18. TheBossGuy

    Officer Rank ups! 11/28/14

    Fox BG->MG SycoMage MG->LTG LTC-> COL Thundernut MJR -> LTC Merconic billy_da_bob CPT -> MJR Mr_Stompy xSagaRx BruC0Ndr Jessica Rae bottomset LuckxR Sly Uzzy RecklessHansi 0yme0 1LT -> CPT KushKitty heybob DrSmitherine MrCruz 2LT -> 1LT Kumih0 Agbourke...
  19. TheBossGuy

    Officer Rank ups! 11/28/14

    Fox BG->MG SycoMage MG->LTG LTC-> COL Thundernut MJR -> LTC Merconic billy_da_bob CPT -> MJR Mr_Stompy xSagaRx BruC0Ndr Jessica Rae bottomset LuckxR Sly Uzzy RecklessHansi 0yme0 1LT -> CPT KushKitty heybob DrSmitherine MrCruz 2LT -> 1LT Kumih0 Agbourke...
  20. TheBossGuy

    Rank Ups 11/13/14 - 11/19/14

    Merrbino PFC to LCPL - Fantastic work in Archeage and helping manage the guild. 11/13/14 Blackstone 1SGT -> MGYSGT - Doing a fantastic job streaming! Well over 40 hours of streaming! 11/17/14 Noobesto SMA -> VM Join date since July 2012, about time! 11/17/14 Leo CPL -> SGT - Great...
  21. TheBossGuy

    11/04/14 Rank ups!

    Jaybee Kintamas Please give these two thanks for taking their job as a coach on and helping other members! Pyu For outstanding work in our dept! Please reach out and pat our fellow teammates on the back! :) Post once you have completed this! Kumih0 NateUK PerfectEnigma Pyu Rizzah...
  22. TheBossGuy

    More Rank ups! 10/31/14 - 11/03/14

    NateUK PerfectEnigma For outstanding performance in our rank up recognition Dept! Please congratulate these too! Also, ShadoStar for assisting in our Minecraft section! Please congratulate and thank these members for their services! Post once you have completed! Kumih0 NateUK...
  23. TheBossGuy


    Zarwin PVT - PFC Kitsune PFC - LCPL Collision SGT - SSG OberonOneSGT - SSG LethalMuffinMan MGYSGT - SMA Jaybee MSG - 1SG amoretpax199 SGM - SMA datfuzion GYSGT - MSG Jedi450 CPL - SSG ^^^Recruiting kawaiipr1ncesss For assisting new members! Please tell these lovely members...
  24. TheBossGuy

    How much?!

    How much time and money do you put into your craft? I am trying to raise my carpentry, but to be real with everyone. . . I don't have the land for the trees. . . so lumber is scarce. I was trying to follow an easy guide, but simply stated. . . there really isn't one! How much do you spend on...
  25. TheBossGuy

    Rank ups! 10/26/14

    Master Gunnery Sergeant --- MGYSGT PerfectEnigma Pyu First Sergeant --- 1SG Smokus Kyndjiall Master Sergeant --- MSG NateUK Rehstraint Blackstone Gunnery Sergeant --- GYSGT Kintamas Nate Dawggy Staff Sergeant --- SSG Izzo S3mp1t3rn4l Sergeant --- SGT vGraffy OberonOne hy0n Please message...