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  1. Karas

    Kayne/Rhaast leak

    So I awoke today to find that our lovely friends over in asia had amanged to get footage of the mysterious new champion hitting the Rift in the coming weeks. I neither know nor care how they got it, I'm just happy that they did.
  2. Karas

    First game as Jungle

    Well it happened. I was forced to play Jungle as everyone else had called their role. Something I had been dreading since I first started playing LoL (not that I play very often and when I do it's mostly against bots. I'm a filthy noob scrub, what can you do about it?) Thankfully earlier in the...
  3. Karas

    Alchemy calculator?

    Hey guys, I just started playing again with some friends and I was wondering if anyone could help me with getting my Alchemy leveled up. On Skyrim I used to use this calculator to work out what I could make with the ingredients I had but I can't find anything as easy and useful for ESO. Does...
  4. Karas

    Well this guy is a delight!

    He has 2 hours play time and I was just tryingh to offer a little advice. I'm sure his Smite career will be long and fruitful. :D
  5. Karas

    Any tips?

    I'm installing Day Z right now. Any tips before I start playing? I know very little about the game to be honest, bought it on the recommendation of a friend. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Karas

    Celtic Event won't unlock on PC

    So I've completed the event on console, I enjoyed it but would like to do it again on PC but it refuses to unlock. I have my accounts linked (only way I could have done it on console without paying for it) so that's nott he issue. Any suggestions? I've tried relogging so many times...
  7. Karas

    Xbox Smite Clan

    As requested Fever now have a clan on Xbox. It would be great to see some of our members there. I'm always willing to play some games with whoever joins (I can feed in any game mode) and if we get enough members I can start running game nights for you all as well as the occasional tournament...
  8. Karas

    Smite console

    I was wondering if there were many Smite console players? I have Smite on PC but the majority of my play time is on the Xbox version. Any Fever members also playing Xbox1 and fancy a few games?
  9. Karas

    Happy new year!

    Wishing you all the best for the new year guys. Hope it's a good one for you all and that you have a fantastic night tonight whatever you get up to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Karas

    Final giveaway. (Trying to make this a good one)

    So this giveaway will be the last one before Christmas. It will run until (approx) 22:00 GMT on Christmas Eve. Just post your name and wish each other a merry Christmas to enter. Up for grabs: (excuse the lack of links, I'm on my phone but I'll try and add them later.) Deus Ex Mankind...
  11. Karas

    Karas' game giveaway 5! (Getting close to Christmas!!)

    So I'm not feeling imaginitive today, probably as I've just woken up and I've not eaten yet. So today all you have to do is post in here and I'll add your name to the list of entries. Asdivine Hearts Iron Impact Osteya Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again
  12. Karas

    Karas' game giveaway 3 & 4

    So I got really busy at work yesterday, slept in too so I forgot to take some codes with me. To catch up I'll be doing days 3 & 4 today. Up for grabs: Axyos, Heavenly Battle, Nanooborg and Knights and Merchants HD. All you have to do today is Guess what colour my eyes are. (A winner will be...
  13. Karas

    Karas' game giveaway 2

    Yesterday's giveaway is still going, but it's time to start another. Today I'm giving away codes for Enclave and Shake Your Money Simulator. Today, all you have to do is Guess what my most hated Smite god is. Easy, right? Congratulations to amoretpax199. Great guessing guys.
  14. Karas

    Karas' game giveaway

    So boys and girls, each day between today and Christmas I'll be giving away some Steam codes. Today I'm giving away Grind Zones, all you have to do is post what colour you think the hoodie is that emlyrytsn is wearing right now. More to come tomorrow.
  15. Karas

    Amumu top. I'm not the only one.

    So after yesterdays game as Amumu top I thought I'd go see if many others had taken my little mummy dude up there. Apparently they have. Enjoy the video, and remember, ban Teemo. ;)
  16. Karas

    MSoG Haul

    So I've just opened 40 packs and this is what I pulled. (I'm a little deflated if I'm honest.) Abyssal Enforcer Alley Armorsmith Alleycat Ancient Of Blossoms Backroom Bouncer Backstreet Leper Backstreet Leper (G) Big-Time Racketeer Blastcrystal Potion Bloodfury Potion Blowgill Sniper Blubber...
  17. Karas

    Before I even start...

    So I'm installing GW2 as I type. Currently at 4% and steadily plodding on. I was wondering, what tips would you give to a new player before they even begin making their character? What mistakes did you all make that I should avoid? Are there any interface changes I should make right at the...
  18. Karas

    Banned for not playing Meta?

    So, AdellaideSkyhart is facing a permaban in LoL for not playing Singed the way the Meta dictates. He's been going around ganking the jungler at the start of the game to put them behind before returning to bot lane and playing out the rest of the game. Are Riot really saying that it's a...
  19. Karas


    Firstly, I'm not entirely sure that I'm posting this in the right place. If I've made a mistake then could someone please move it for me. I was wondering if there were any Mordheim players in Fever? I've been thinking of running a tourne#ament, but would r#ather do it for a group of people I...
  20. Karas

    COD Double XP Codes

    So here I am sat with 9 codes for double XP on Infinite Warfare. I was going to post them all and say first come first served, but that seems a little unfair for someone to get all of them and everyone else miss out. So just comment here and I'll give you a code. Easy peasy. Redeeming Codes...
  21. Karas

    Thoughts from a brand new player

    So I installed League a few days ago but never got around to playing it until yesterday when I did the tutorials. There's nothing good noir bad about them, they do a decent job at explaining what you are meant to be doing and having played MOBAs in the past a lot of it came over as common sense...
  22. Karas

    Dirt 3 Free for a limited time

    Got sent the link from a friend. A free game is a good game. Dirt 3
  23. Karas

    I hate people

    So I got pretty fed up last season because each of my placement games ended with my team being one or more players down due to people leaving. I decided to give it another go this season and the same thing is happening. I've just finished a game where there were just two of us left. What is...
  24. Karas

    Resolved: Member struggling to log in

    One of our members posted on the Fever FaceBook that he was struggling to log in and was worried he would lose his member status. Other than posting here I don't really know how else to help him. Any known issues with logging in? Any advice for him? His username I believe is Drake.
  25. Karas

    Who to buy?

    I'm currently flicking through the characters on HotS and trying to work out who to buy. I know that I will eventually own all of the characters, but I was wondering how you guys worked out which character you wantred to buy next. I'm so conflicted between so many of them.