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  • Congrats on your rank up!!!recruiting people is like putting on a nice suit and you make it look good. keep up the good work my friend.
    Soooooooooo like, congrats on getting ranked up to Lance Corporal! Yay! You've been such an active member, getting new people to join! We are so glad to have you here! :cupcake: What is your favorite thing about Fever so far? :ghost:
    Nice work on bringing in the new members! It really shows you care and enjoy the community enough to want to share it with others! What game do you recruit in mostly?
    Keep up the great work recruiting! Heroes of the storm is a growing section on this community thanks to dedicated members like you :)
    Hey Zilla... btw, my guess had nothing to do with an IP scan... Noble Men KY 2 - I have friends from KY and that's about what they'd use for an email address too... jk :)

    Welcome again, and see you around!
    hey guys thanks for letting me join the clan thank u V for doing my interview right away as i asked dude really mucho appreciated im learning the ropes of the clan just browsing around been playing hots for 12 hours today so im just now makeing it back to the clan site to do some looking around

    anyone playing hots feel free to hit me up as my bnet tag is [email protected] i play all roles and know my builds to run can get impatient when matching with noobs but hey dont we all
    Hello ZiLLa420! Welcome to Fever Clan! Now either you are from Japan, Colorado, or Kentucky, or none of those places and I should just be quiet... I'm leaning toward Kentucky... am I right? TL : DR - My radar is up on KY peeps ever since a dagger pierced my heart in the NCAAMB semi-final between Wisconsin and Kentucky two years ago.

    Oops, I didn't mean to get carried away there, because this is really a welcome message to you! I've seen quite a few new HoTS players coming into the clan lately, so you're going to be in good company as you look for other players to join up with like @Baum. We have an active MOBA forum section, and you'll find some good reads there along with plenty of opportunities to help others outside of being in-game with them. Also check out the other topics we have in the other forums/sub-forums. Topics include things like Fitness, TV/Movies, and many others. I'd be curious as to what you find and what you find to post to also!

    If you have any questions or need any assistance, please let me know :)

    Good to have you with us ZiLLa420. Welcome again!
    P.S. You'll have to let me know if I guessed right about where you're from :)
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