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  • Hi!!!

    Doing alright, been buzy with work for the holidays, and still gonna be buzy as hell for the next 2 weeks since we got someone on vacation. But you know, 'cept that im really fine. How about you????

    And i know, never see you on anymore
    Wow your 21 seems like there a lot of 21 year old birthdays here anyway i hope you have a wonderful day and be safe
    Happy birthday Xiantyl!!!! Wow 21, tell me what should I be prepared for? I'm almost 21 also hahaha hows your 21 years been? Hope you have a great time today!!
    Happy Birthday! Big 2 1! I am 21 as well. Any plans or cool gifts for your birthday? Maybe a new game or game add on?
    Happy 21st Birthday! Time to party, hope you have a great day.. its YOUR day. Hmm, you are a Gemini, cool! Eat and drink lots Plans for today or the weekend? Stay awesome. :cupcake:
    Happy Birthday Staff Sergeant! Officially 21 and able to drink in the States. Have a great one! Hope to see more of you in the community!
    Congratulations on being even more experienced. I’m not sure what you learned this year, but every experience transforms us into the people we are today. Happy Birthday.
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