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  • Yeah I played WoW for many many years and guilds are like families for sure. Even though I do not play anymore I still have many of my former guildies on my facebook friends list. We all talk often without being in game. WoW was really great for that. Oh pally decks are rough for sure. I verse one and did no damage to the guy lol I think I had lost the match in 7 rounds it was crazy. I do like mage decks though as well. the ability to have a damage output without needing minions is great.
    :ele:Welcome to The Fever Clan!!!:banana:

    Howdy wrongones, you have come to a great home for gaming. When I first joined the vast forums, teamspeak, and large player base was a bit daunting. Hope you are settling in well. Definitely feel free to shoot me a message on here or contact me in teamspeak any time if you need any help. All Fever members are very helpful. This is not just a gaming community it is a gaming family. The introduction section is by far the greatest spot to post at first if you want to get in touch with the gamers that play the games you like the most. After that you can find the individual games you like in their respective sections. One of my favorite sections is the support section. A great thing about being in a clan is that just because people may play different games and for different levels of seriousness, they are always ready to help each other out. Once again I just want to say welcome to the Fever Clan. Happy to have another fellow gamer joining the ranks.

    If you also ever find yourself playing Smite, Black Ops 3, SWBF3, Rocket League, Ark Survival Evolved, &/or Hearthstone(FealtyGamer#1124) shoot me a message. I am always down to group up. What is your favorite character to play in hearthstone? I have been rocking the warlock lately, but am always curious if there is a new hotness beast moding lol. :party:
    Hi wrongones,

    Good to have you on board to Fever Clan! I hope you have enjoyed it thus far. My main game is Diablo 3 so I hope to see you around. You can catch me on TS3 as well too. If you have any questions, let me know, I will help you best I can. :)
    Greetings wrongones

    It’s so nice to see another member join us here at Fever. I hope you do enjoy yourself here at Fever and I welcome you personally. Anyway if you ever have an issue with anything on the forums or on TeamSpeak please don't hesitate to message any Fever member about your issue and we will help you out as much as we can until the issue is resolved. Please PM or message an Officer or higher on the forums or TeamSpeak about it and they will help us you as much as they can to resolve your issue. Anyway I noticed you play Diablo 3 what's your favourite character and what paragon are you? I play Demon Hunter and I'm about 380 paragon, but I don't play the game that much unfortunately. Anyway I hope to see you around on the forums and on the TeamSpeak, adios and out.
    Yeah, there are a LOT of changes and it's still pretty up in the air as to what will happen. I'm guessing it will be a couple weeks into the season even before people really figure out what's strong and what's the best way to go. Hope to see you in game!!

    Greetings wrongones!!

    Welcome to |Fever|! I see you play D3 and Hearthsotne. What is your favorite Deck to use in game? What is your favorite class to play in D3? I hope to be able to play both with you. If you want to add me you can add me here: Apoc#1616. Just message me or say something in Teamspeak and we will play. Don't hesitate to join the teamspeak server and say hello, everyone is really nice. I am on the forums/teamspeak most days, so if you have a question just come in/pm me. Hope to see you on the forums and in teamspeak!!!!!
    Hey hey wrongones!

    Great to have you in |Fever|! I've only been in |Fever| a short time but I LOVE it. I've already met a lot of people that I play with nearly every night. I see you also play Diablo 3, which is my main game. What is your favorite class? Do you have any goals left for Season 4? Have you seen all the changes for Season 5? What do you think you'll start with in S5?

    Head over to the forums because it is a great way to get to know people better, help us to get you know you better and to get ahead and contribute to |Fever| Clan. Don't forget to post to the In Game Clan Invite thread to get into the Diablo 3 in-game Fever Clan and Community.

    I'm online most nights in the Diablo 3 channels on Teamspeak. Feel free to PM me or catch me on TS if you need anything or have any questions. Hope to see you around! Laters!

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