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  • I love it so far. I have all of these games (Rust, ARK, H1Z1 and Dayz) It's just been a while since I have played them.

    I do some youtube stuff on the side every once in a while, maybe I can help out?

    Thanks for reaching out to me!
    "I Don't Always Post Random Shit On Your Visitor Wall - But When I Do It's My Way Of Saying Hi."


    Thanks for the welcome.
    Just played a bit with another newcomer so far but Fever seems a lot of fun.
    About the new season, not sure. I tried to play couple of competitive games but was losing most of the time :). I think I watched your video about Eichenwald recently. Nice job.

    Hope to see you in game soon.
    So far I can't complain! I'm really enjoying Legion so far haven't been able to play as much as I want to though :p
    I sent you a Btag invite so feel free to add me!
    I'm not a Youtuber but my wife and I both have thought about it, what's a Youtube co-lead do exactly?
    Sadly I don't play those four games, don't really like or own overwatch and don't have GW2 either! :( (I might get GW one day...)
    But maybe if it expands out I can try and cobble something together for path of exile or diablo...
    Hello! :) Thank you so much for the kind greetings.
    Oh I totally forgot to go to the Overwatch section haha^^ I'll do it later. I also have to download Overwatch again, because I restarted my whole computer last weekend^^

    Hey Worggy,

    im having fun so far still trying to figure out how everything is organised.

    I play Heroes of the storm daily, looking to get into overwatch.
    I used to play a ton of ark my clan conquered 1 private server and 1 public server then i stopped playing, but if there are more people to play with i would gladly get back into it.
    Do I have to call you captain worggy every time I see you now? Capt. Worggy it has a nice ring to it. Grats
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