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  • Hi, Thanks for the welcome! I am still getting to know things here! I generally play Smite on PS4. Though I am going to try some games on Steam as well!

    Thanks, I think fever is great so far went into a big bunch of games of smite with some really fun people and they gave me tips on how to get better.
    When is this 'game night'?

    I'd like to know more about this youtube thing, as I've had alot of experience editing: SPLIT 6 MAN, COLLAT!? - Black ops 3 Montage - By John Smith - YouTube
    I understand it says John Smith, but I thought that people might find out it was me so I used a fake name.

    I also wonder if there is an opening for streaming because I love doing streams: https://www.twitch.tv/furiouscalvin

    All the best, Calvin.
    thank you for your post. yes eveyone is very nice. i just found this new game paladins and i have been playing that along side smite.
    Hello Worggy.

    Thank you for being so welcoming. This clan has been great so far. It's the first one I've ever been in and its awesome. I've met a few people on ts and they're very friendly. If you want to play some CS or something sometime I'll be on the Hearthstone channel. It's the only fps game I play and I don't play it for the competitive aspect.
    Hey Worggy, thanks for the welcome. I think Fever's a great, mature clan. I play killer and survivor, depends if I'm playing solo or with friends. I'm actually not that hyped for Friday the 13th to be honest, I'll wait and see if it lives up to the hype. I'm always looking for people to play DBD with, so I'll definitely give you a ring sometime.
    Thank You for the welcome message as I do play the games you play I mainly play 7dtd but I like to branch out and I play both pve and pvp but like you I love the building aspect of all survival game :) let me know a good day for you and your wife to play some 7dtd plus I got 3 or 4 friend that play it to
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