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  • Welcome back West! We haven't met before, but I look forward to remedying that ^_^

    What games are you playing these days? I main D3, and SKyrim, and I also play League and OW. If you play any of those let me know and we can get together sometime <3
    Welcome back to FeverClan, west!! :D How have you been? I hope everything is going amazingly and you have more fre time to hang out with everyone ^-^
    Howdy, west. How are you today? My name is Jam, and I would like to say welcome to Fever. I so glad you are part of our community. I saw on your application that you play CSGO. Do you have a favorite weapon and skin? What map is your favorite? What rank are you? I haven’t played CSGO in a while since I am waiting to get a better computer. My main game at the moment is Hearthstone. I am so obsess with it. Anyways, if I ever decide to play CSGO, I’ll hit you up. It’s always nice to have people to play with. If you are ever on teamspeak and you see me, jump into the channel and say hi! If you have any questions feel free to PM me, and I will try my best to help you out. See yah :)
    Welcome to the clan, west!!

    I'm new to the clan as well and everyone has been incredibly welcoming to me so far. Hopefully, you'll have the same experience! What made you look for a gaming community to join?

    I haven't ever played Counter-Strike but I do play Diablo. Are you going to be playing this next season? There are a few events coming up for the change in season that would be a great way to meet new people.

    Also, it looks like other members have already said this, but if you ever have questions please don't hesitate to send me a private message or find me on TeamSpeak.

    Again, we're thrilled you have chosen to join Fever and I hope to see you around soon!
    Hey west! Welcome to fever my man! I see your main game is CSGO, mine is as well. :) Do you play comp? If so, do you rifle, lurk, or awp? What rank are you? I'd love to play sometime with you. Just DM me or find me on teamspeak sometime. Happy to have you here bro!
    Welcome to Fever, west! It's always great to see more new people joining Fever each and every day.

    I see you will be playing multiple, no worries I bet no matter which game you play with us, you will be a valuable asset. If you are in D3 and are looking for some help you can hit me up. Season 6 is Friday we have a leveling event going on if you want to join us.

    Until we meet again, I'm glad to have you here!
    Heyo! Welcome to Fever,west! I hope you have a blast here in our community and you get along with everyone you meet!

    If you have any concerns or questions or just wanna hang out feel free to send me a PM or to any other Fever members you may know, or talk to one of us on the TS: ts.feverclan.com
    you can find me on the Dota 2 channel.

    We as a community like to know more about our members and like to share interests with them, so why don't you head here Intoductions So you can introduce yourself and get to know you better!

    Always remember to check the forums for your interests, like news, tournaments, guides, lessons on certain games or people to play with or even games to buy with your Fever Coins. You can find every thing you need to know about the coins right there!

    Also as you may have a notion about it, here in the community we rank up, either for being here a long period of time or for helping out in our jobs in the community here I'll leave you a link to it if you want to check it from time to time! Rank up

    Now to the game part!

    Here at the community we have a variety of players and you can find all them in their diferente sections, just go on the one that is of your most interest and have fun!


    And if you want a little bit more of indie games or competition jump over here and have a look on our game nights and tournaments!

    *Competition Central

    Oh! And don't forget we also have our social media section like us and subscribe so you can get the latest news from the community


    I hope you have a great time here! And remember if you have bout or want to talk feel free to PM me! See ya around!

    Welcome to Fever! I'm still a bit new here too but I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. I see you also play diablo 3. What's your favorite char? Are you planning on playing the new season? Anyways again, welcome, and feel free to ask if you have an questions! Look forward to seeing you around!
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