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  • Congratulations on your rank up to Staff Sergeant. Thank you for your contributions in the forums. Keep up the good work!

    Fox ~
    Congratulations on your rank up to Sergeant. Keep up the good work!

    Fox ~
    Congratulations on your promotion to Corporal! Keep up the good work!

    Fox ~
    Welcome to Fever! It is great to have you in this wonderful clan. If there anything that you need, do not hesitate to ask.
    Welcome To Feverclan!
    WAO138, I hope you enjoy your time here!.
    If you have any questions, Problems.. Or want to talk.. Feel free to respond to this visitors message, Or PM Myself or Any other officers on the forums!
    Its what we're here for!


    Feel Free To check out some useful links!
    Shooter games
    Competition Central
    Open Discussion
    Members Discussion

    Would You Like To Do More For FEVER?
    Check out HERE and PM a General Or a Leader and ask them what jobs might be available to you!

    Again, Welcome! And If You Have Any Questions Don't Hesitate To Ask Them! That's what I, And Many Others Are Here For!

    (Also Use The View Conversation Button on the top bar to respond to a visitors messages)

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