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  • Welcome to Fever Clan, you should add a profile picture add a little life to your profile!
    If you need help, or would like game suggestions, please feel free to bug me.

    Hello again Valakivi! Stopping in here to add my official welcome to Fever Clan for you :)

    Glad to see you active in the Forum!

    Just wanted to say welcome again, and please feel free to reach out to me anytime should you have questions or need anything.

    Welcome again!
    Hey man welcome to our very secluded club! :3. I've seen you are already quite active on the forums! 4.3 posts a day on average! haha even if you only joined 2 days ago :D. Anyway hope you enjoy your time here and have fun!,

    If you are unsure about something within the clan just ask me or anyone else, everyone is willing to help!

    ~ Blue
    Hey Valakivi, Welcome and have fun in our clan :D Interesting and cool name you have there :D I think you are the first new member from Peru that I am welcoming :D Do you know Leo from before or? A lot of games you play, how you manage your time :D

    If you have any question feel free to ask anything about anything :D
    Hello and welcome to Fever Valakivi, I am Abcsam and I'm here to help you find all the information about Fever membership, and navigate around Fever. I will be giving you a guide of important places you may want to visit within Fever and to make it even more helpful.

    Before that a quick bio on my self.
    I'm just a lovable guy who wakes up every day with a perfect 5 o' clock shadow, and drinks a case of Vodka with my eggs. I smoke a cigar for lunch and I wrestle mountain cougars when the mood strikes. I'm for lack of a better word, a man!

    First lets talk about how you can say hi to every one. Your intro will be the first chance for people to get to know you, so have fun with it you don't have to over share but the more people know about you the faster people can get to know you!
    - Introduction

    We know getting to a computer can be difficult at times with School, Work, and whatever else we all spend our time on, so we have made posting even easier. Now with the use of our smartphones posting can be done through a simple app called Tapatalk. To learn more and download it click the following link:
    - Tapatalk

    Now you don't have to take on a job, but for me not only are they fun and i get a seance of accomplishment from them. These jobs are useful to get your name around and help the community grow. Again the more people know the more friends you will make and it will be more fun gaming! The available jobs can be found here:
    - Clan Jobs

    Through posting you may have noticed that you have gotten what is called Fever Coins. That is a virtual currency used to purchase fun things withing fever to joke around with each other (we just had a one guy change all the Generals avatars to game of thrones characters). Or they can help you out, or even purchase new games in an auction. To learn more about these coins please visit:
    - Fever Coins

    Now that you are accustom to posting, meeting new members, and maybe even being involved in a few Clan Jobs, you are probably wondering How do i get promoted!! Well here is the list of ranks, their requirements, and what the ranks duties are:
    - Fever Ranks

    Again, welcome to fever, I hope you enjoy your time and feel free to visit me in teamspeak or ask me any questions you may have. I can be found in D3 or the members lounge most of the time.
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