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  • sad to say im more into manga than anime(but i do watch some)

    PriestSanzoDaisy's Manga List - MyAnimeList.net heres a list
    Um I do not think so I know you can edit it to say one letter in case you post something in wrong section just change the post to {Deleted} as title and body. To my knowledge though I do not think you can delete topics, so if it comes to it just either think before you post something you might regret or get forums leader to lock the thread to create further controversy and such... but if it was just a mistype or double post no there is nothing to do about it, maybe try suggesting such a future to @cybernetcrash or someone that can look into it.

    Welcome to Fever V4lkrie! always nice to have a fellow battle net fan, especially hearthstone. if you need anything at all don't hesitate to ask!
    Well your avatar was one piece ,that was a thought to ask. Then using gintama i had to ask at that point.

    It will be hard for me to watch stuff when i get caught up reading countless chapters of that vary same series.

    PriestSanzoDaisy's Manga List - MyAnimeList.net

    Zetman is one i wanna watch.
    Hello there young new member of fever ,i hope everything has been well entering the clan .With the application and interview process.Hopefully you didnt have to wait to long and have had a chance to dive into fever forums and or teamspeak. That is mostly how i learned about others games.

    Plus it kinda serves as a way to know you are around. But enough of that plain old cut and dry intro.To make it simple the timing on ts is on and off for members,and its best to use forums to look up fellows players.

    You happen to be an anime fan by any chance?

    Hey my name is DerangedDrew and I hope you're enjoying your time so far! I am here to help ease you into the process oof becoming an active member in FEVER! and ofc having fun!

    If you ever have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to send me a PM, or simply find me on TS in the Diablo section most of the time! I don't bite at all and certainly don't mind helping out! I just joined about two weeks ago and it was a little crazy for me at first! Not to mention, just hang out and have a good time!

    The links that are located below will take you to the sections of the forum that have the most traffic! Also, when you have time, go ahead and put together an introduction, don't be shy!

    Competition Central
    Open Discussion
    Member Discussion

    Also, if you're ever curious about how promotion and ranks work, head over to the link below and check it out!
    Promotion Guide

    Don't forget that we do have Fever Coins! I know you heard a little bit about them, but below is a link so you can be fully aware what they are and how to utilize them!
    Fever Coins

    Looking for a job or a way to contribute to Fever? Here are all the listings, I currently have 2 jobs and they really help me stay active and be involved in making FEVER a better place, you wont regret getting one, or two!
    Fever Job Openings!

    Here is our Social Sites, please go check them out and tell us what you think!
    Fever Google+
    Fever Twitter
    Fever Youtube
    Fever Facebook
    Fever Steam Community

    Hello V4lkrie! welcome to fever I just wanted to take the time to give you some info so you can get around on the forums! I see you play Hearthstone I myself have never played before is it fun? Do you have any other favorite games? anyways I play a lot of blizzard games and also CSGO, Lol and more if you ever want to talk you can pm me or hop on ts and find me usually in cs;go section anyways I hope you get a warm welcome and welcome to the fever family!
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