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    Grim Dawn - On sale

    Also, it is on sale once again.
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    $25 iTunes giftcard for Eve Online item

    So, I won a physical iTunes giftcard from my job today for my performance. I don't use iTunes at all. I'm looking to trade it off for some Eve stuff. Specifically, I would like to have the Meteor Pack . Please contact me either here or via Discord to set up the trade.
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    PUBG game night!

    evenings will work for me soon.
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    State of Decay 2

    I've been playing it. I've done 3 or the 4 playthroughs
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    7 days to die

    I played it before they changed the crafting into whatever the hell they changed it to. I came back after the change (not knowing the change occurred) and nope'd out. It just doesn't interest me anymore with that change included.
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    KumihO's help thread

    I think the person that interviewed you simply didn't know who you were! Well, good luck making SCGA
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    KumihO's help thread

    Welcome back, y tf you just a lowly Private? Someone get this man VM!
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    gabapentin and omeprazole

    If you are having issues with your psychiatrist's prescriptions you need to bring it up with them. As far as a short bing search pulled up there should be no interactions between the two. That being said, refer to my previous statement and talk to the prescribing physician about it.
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    Anyone play Factorio?

    Was wondering if anyone else still played this. I want to play this some but don't want to go it alone. Basically looking for someone to co-work on a 2 man play through of it.
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    Sea of Thieves

    Haven't ran into any games or nearly the number of problems that PUBG has ever had. Way to trash the game though, thanks.
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    Looking to play, still new to the game

    Ya, just join one of the channels of PUBG and wait. That also being said, you should hop around the misc games rooms as w ell, people play there as well. I'd also suggest watching these videos to get some info about how to be a better player. (some info is out of date due to patches etc) By...
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    What was the message you left on my wall?

    What was the message you left on my wall?
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    Bringing it down so hard the explosion blasts the hammer back out of my hands.

    Bringing it down so hard the explosion blasts the hammer back out of my hands.