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    SMITE recruitment page

    underby it is FeverClan in game. initials for during a game you will see F3VER as your tag. I should have invite permissions in-game soon. add my IGN = Turtt. -Thanks
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    SMITE recruitment page

    So the old feverclan SMITE thread was closed so i decided to start a new one if anyone has any interest, i will be working on it some more to add a bit more content but this is what i threw together with the time i had and using old template from old thread. Clan Fever Clan Recruiting for...
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    Smite Recruiters Needed!

    Heyas Hey I've been playing a little bit inbetween DAOC. I don't mind helpin if you need? -Turt
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    Karas As far as I can tell, no. Hopefully someone proves me wrong though.
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    Karas I have looked into it and to my best knowledge everyone i've spoken to says that you can link the two accounts... However you can only link a PC character to either Xbox or PS4 so if anyone has a PC account come play on PS4 with me!!!!!
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    Ret Pallies Unite!

    Nope, we are still OP, I main a Holy Pally but I DPS where needed in raids.. I DPS'D last night for guild and was in top 3 easily. I was very suprised how much DPS we can put out.
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    SilentTheBro Are you sure you can do that? I knew you could transfer a character from PC -----> PS4 I have never heard of anyone transferring from PS4 -----> PC, until now. But if you can do that I will find a way!!!
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    Hey guys, I've been actively playing ESO on PS4 NA servers. DrTurt is my gamertag. currently a NB at Champion lvl 54. himmeup!!
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    Looking for GW2 Recruiters

    Renvenar I am going to start playing GW2 again, therefore I do not mind bumping the forums and recruiting members for fever where I can. PM me or find me on TS!! Hope your good my friend.
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    Anyone play on private servers? (Elysium?)

    Suurebud Your pretty new so you probably forgot!! So welcome my friend But anything that breaks WoW's terms of use is considered a no-no around here. Feel free to refer back to the rules if you have and questions or PM! :D Glad to see more WoW players.
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    Still active?

    Wroctaw I am also looking to get into bud, I need to Rebuy the game though, I cannot for the death of me remember which email i used XD.
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    Event: SMITE Weekly Game Nights

    I think that 3 AM my time so theres no way Ill be able to make it unless i decide to pull an all nighter randomly haaha
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    Important: World of Warcraft Master Roster

    Seal <--- I've been active for last month, Turt1511 # PVE HORDE NA Server = Thrall
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    Late Night Raiding Applications

    sasabo only got a 803 IL Holy Pally, workin on the IL of course. But will be a minute. feel free to add me guys Turt#1511
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    Season 4!

    I'm back playing ^^ get at me.