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  • Congrats on your promotion Turt, Keep on doin' work in the recruiting team and you can go even further.
    Congratulations on your promotion to Staff Sergeant! Your recruiting efforts help Fever grow. Keep up the good work!

    Fox ~
    Congratulations on your promotion to Sergeant! Another review, and another promotion. Keep up the good work!

    Fox ~
    Welcome to the clan, As a welcome committee member i want to try and integrate you into fever
    Im kesem, Been in fever for about half a year and i usually play most everything and chill in TS all day :p
    What ever type of game you play let me know and we might be able to play sometime!
    Enjoy your stay in our wonderfull gaming community ;)
    Welcome to Fever, Turt! We have an awesome MOBA section. You'll definitely find people to play with here. If you have any questions about anything, anything at all send me a IM, PM, or find me on Teamspeak.

    Fox ~
    Hello and welcome to the Fever family!

    Here are the links to our gaming forums!
    Shooter Games
    Miscellaneous Games

    If you have any problems or questions feel free to come to me or any officers+ online!

    We are a giant community and we play every game you can imagine from call of duty to league of legends

    Don't forget to jump in the teamspeak channel and say hi to everyone!
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